Sunday, December 20, 2009


So I have been snowed inside my house for almost two days!! It is so unexpected because snow like this never ever ever happens in Maryland!! My family decided that we needed to get out of the house today, so we did some family Christmas shopping--I got the best present for my little sister, she's gonna love it (hopefully), but I can't say what it is until Christmas--and then we all went to go see Invictus tonight. It was so good, I'd give it a great review! If you haven't seen it yet, definitely put it on your to-do list (as you should The Blind Side, especially my Southern College bloggers-you'll love Leann Tuohy (she happens to be a KD also!). Anyway, Invictus was so so so good. I didn't know much about the setting of the movie, what it was about, etc, but I would recommend it to everyone!

Both Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon (whom my mom and I love) were great actors in this flick!

Check out this photo of my street from my window:

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is covered in about 2 feet of white powdery snow. It will probably freeze over tonight, and make everything unsafe, but it sure does look pretty!

Tomorrow I have this HUGE GIGANTIC alumni dinner that I'm hosting for the class of 2009 from my high school. I absolutely cannot wait since I've been planning for like a month. It is going to be so much fun to see everyone (or the people who can make it) and hear all about the different college stories. My fabulous mom designed the coolest cake for everyone to see also. I'll take photos for you all to see. I'm going to wear my pink tweed forever21 skirt that I just got the other day with black tights, a black turtleneck, and some type of black shoes. The shoes have changed because now they have to be ice/snow/precip safe for sure!!

I'll be sure to tell you all about the party tomorrow! I'm SO excited!!



MWK said...

Have fun tomorrow. I know what you mean about snow we got about the same amount. I am in a movie mood maybe I'll check out Invitus that or Up in the Air.

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Good luck with the alumni dinner! You'll be great.

I absolutely loved all the snow this weekend :)

Kerry said...

Thanks for the movie reccomendation, I may just go see it tonight! The snow looks gorgeous from the inside, but it's not so fun when you have to drive in it! Have fun tomorrow night!!! Have a great Monday!

Beach Belle said...

I am soooooo jealous of your snow! All we got in my neck of the woods was cold rain! Boo!

I definitely check out Inviticus too.

Jen said...

LOOK AT ALL THAT SNOW! Wow! That's awesome.

And how sweet that you're hosting a dinner for your former classmates. That should be a blast. Maybe after all the fancy dinner & yummy cake you all can all bundle up and go sledding!


KAC said...

We got the same storm here (though not as much) and I am so happy that it's finally going to be a White Christmas! Hope your alumni dinner was great!