Thursday, December 17, 2009

Huge Change

Wow! So, I've told everyone about my major hair woes...yikes! (Sorry if you hate reading about it, this will be my last one, I promise!!) I've had SO many different hair colors in the past 2 months alone, that I needed to take a break. I've been highlighting my hair since I turned 15. That's almost 4 years without a natural hair color...yikes again! I talked about my recent hair problems in this post. Well yesterday I went to my real hair stylist to see what we could to about my chameleon color hair. I told her that I wanted to go back to a shade close to my original color, and since she's been doing my hair since I've started caring about it truly, I knew she'd have good input, be able to take care of moi, and remember what the color was. She also does my mom's hair, my sister's hair and a few of the other women in town. She comes highly recommended around!

This has been my hair situation over the past few years, basically since my Junior year winter--that's how far my photos date back! (this is a very narcissistic post...sorry about that. I've had a few friends want to see photos but I'm not going to facebook them because I want it to be a surprise at a big high school alumni function on Monday night!!):

Junior Year-Winter (this is a Natalie Franke Senior Shoot photo): hair is dirty blonde from highlights with roots, short length

Senior Year-Winter: hair is very light, from highlights and very long (~growth 1 year)

Freshman Year of College-Summer before I left: hair is the lightest ever, with dark under layer, short again

Freshman Year-Fall: hair is browny-gold (after being fixed from orange. That color was so awful I refuse to post photos, although they do exist on good ol' FB), short still. The color got to this horrible auburny-goldy-orange color that got progressively worse every time I showered that I needed to do something ASAP. It didn't help that my dark dark dark roots were showing up fast. My hair and nails grow extremely fast.

Freshman Year-Winter: This is the current look (although not the nicest photo). Its 1/2 a shade darker than my original color so that it can fade and the colors will resemble one another. I got this done yesterday and I like it SO much! I wake up and forget that I have dark hair, but it's so much healthier and much more shiny! (Shout out to Audrey M., I hope you like it!)

I promise that this is the LAST hair post! To qualify it as preppy, I read The Updated Preppy Handbook the other day, and realized that I majorly broke the hair rule:

Preppy hair is, for the most part, left the way God and nature intended it. Blunt cuts of chin length, shoulder length and mid-back length are acceptable. Ponytails and headbands are the most common variations from the unadorned, side-parted look. The luckiest Preps (many of them) are born with thick, straight, shiny hair in a blonde or dark brown shade. Preps that are curly, frizzy, or limp in texture usually favor ponytails. Preppy hair should not be colored (before age forty, that is).


Can't wait for the holidays to kick up a notch in the next week! Almost 1 week until Christmas!! Merry Holidays! Tonight was the "11th Hour" shopping for the store!


P.S.: I was explaining this little blogging community to a fab new co-worker today and I realized how much I like it, so thank you fellow preppy bloggers!


Gracie Beth said...

I guess I do not have preppy hair although it is parted to the side and often adorned with a headband.

MWK said...

Ha, my curls are normally pulled back with a headband or ponytail. I know what you mean about the hair. I got sick of having different shades of brunette just from the summer and changed it dark (not my natural color) for the winter. Isn't it nice to have normal hair?

Just Anonymous Prep said...

I had blonde highlights from 15-23 and then went reddish blonde for a few months before going dark chocolate brown. I've had natural dark hair for over two years and I've grown to love it.

Anonymous said...

Oh hair color woes! My friends and I decided I should dye my virgin hair freshman year. We went to the store and bought a box of hair color (bad idea). When we tried to dye my hair closer to my original color a few months later there was a mossy green incident...never again! I like the dark hair on you!

Slices of Beauty... said...

Loving the different styles, especially the last image!

Preppy 101 said...

Love this post! You have darling hair. Keep us posted!!

Northern Girl Southern Living said...

Hair color is so hard! I've been highlighting my hair forever too, so sophomore year while I was abroad I died it back to my natural color then let it grow out. My hair is so much healthier now. I highlight it again and it took a while to let it grow out to the point where none of my hair was treated, but it was worth it!

Kerry said...

I love the dark hair, it really highlights your blue eyes! I am a brunette myself and have considered going blonde, but I think at this point, it's safer to stay with my natural hair color! Have a great weekend!!

Lauren said...

Ha! Although I love preppy and consider my self somewhat a prep...I don't always follow the rules!! preppy or not I love what I love!

Concord Carpenter said...

I have a crew cut. My favorite style for you would be the 1st and last pic.