Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Hair

Hi all! I've had such a busy weekend that I've hardly had time to post. This week I have 5 papers due! I attempted 3 of them over the weekend accompanied by a GREAT football game, party and course registration! Among all this, I've had horrible hair trouble. I told you all that I was going to catch up on my highlights with a box color. When I was at the store, I figured I'd just go all out and color my whole head, I mean I'm generally all over blond anyway, why not? Boy-oh-boy was I wrong. I box colored my hair two Thursdays ago and it was disgusting. I am not even going to post pictures of that color. It was a brassy, yellow-orange with golden highlights. My roots ended up being too dark for the color that I had chosen. I saw all the rules and compared my beginning color to the colors on the boxes, thinking if worst came to worst I'd be ok. Well, I was not by any means ok. I used a L'Oreal product, which I found out when I went to get the color fixed is the worst for your hair.

That following Saturday I went to the Paul Mitchell School here in Columbia. My hairdresser was a student which I had zero problems with because the prices were good. I had a 1:15 appointment for "color correction"...yikes! Long story short, that day my hair didn't turn out like I had imagined because I still had yucky roots AND they ended up charging me twice as much as I thought I was paying. As I'm typing, I'm realizing my root color was close to the shade of the "PUBLISH POST" button...oops!! Needless to say, I called my mom in tears as I walked back to campus. I had scheduled another appointment for the following Saturday with the same girl. Now while you all gawk at why I would do that, I figured she'd know exactly what we did, with exactly the same colors, you know.

So I went back this Saturday and she did in fact remember everything. She told me that she had even consulted her fellow students--in the store they call them "future professionals"--about what to do with me. The first time we tried highlighting the bottom hair so it could catch up with the color of the top layer of hair and then treating the top layer to get the orange out...which obviously didn't work. The next time I went, we tried 2 rounds of toner that apparently my hair wasn't light enough for. Finally, we just did an all-over demi-permanent color (who knows what that is?!) so now I have hair close to my original color.

Here's the final product:

I think its a nice color for the winter. I've recently been wondering what it would be like for me to go back to my original color. As you can see, its still a little light where I originally had my real blond highlights (not overall box color). Since its demi-permanent, it will "fade" which I think means will "wash out eventually" but they had to sell me that statement in the store. Either way, I think I'll be working my way back to my original hair color for now. Maybe come spring I'll see what happens. There's also a good chance that I will go back to my very first hairdresser at home and explain this whole ordeal to her so she can fix it all and get it back to the highlights that I had. We shall see but I'll keep you posted on my hair!


P.S. Don't you love that scarf? Target...$12 and it is super soft and one-tone leopard print!


Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Darling darling new du!

The Wife said...

I love it! I went dark for winter as well!

Sally said...

Your hair looks so cute, I love the color!

Blackeyed_Susan said...

Loving the new hair!!