Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Job!

Hi Everyone! Hope all is well with you! This week has been one for the record books. I had my hardest nursing test thus far as well as the hardest test I've taken in my academic career in Chemistry for Nursing. Among the scholastic whirlwind, I actually have a new job that I think you all will enjoy! About 2 hours ago, I just got off the phone with Lifeguard Press. They are the stationary/fine gifts company involved with all matters of the Lilly stationary line as well as the Vera Bradley line! You happen to be reading the blog of their newest COLLEGE REPRESENTATIVE!

I'm representing USC in their newest addition! There are 30 current college reps, but that number is rising quickly as is the rate of colleges participating! We're working with our respective colleges and really hitting the collegiate scene! I cannot wait to host my first party and show the girls all the fabulous stuff that LP&LP have to offer! Here's a preview of what they've got:

Those are the circle notes, as I'm sure all of you know about! I'll be selling cups, pens, agendas, all kinds of wonderful Lilly stationary products!! I'll be getting all my advertising stuff this week, and I'll be sure to show you all! I'd love any ideas from my college bloggers about any input! Be looking for the rep on your campus soon, we're all showing up quickly!



Diane said...

That's AWESOME-congrats! How did you get into that? I'd love do it for Penn State.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

What a fun job! Congrats!

bevysblog said...

I just moved from Columbia (lived in the Heathwood, then Shandon, then back to Heathwood area all my childhood and adult life) a few years ago. I know you absolutely love it there! Too bad you weren't at USC then. I used lots of KDs and Zetas as sitters for my two boys. Look forward to reading what's going on in Colatown.

Also, love the Hootie CD cover. I was in college when they were, and they played all the time!