Saturday, December 26, 2009

Southern Marsh

Hey everyone! I just found this company the other day: Southern Marsh. All my Southern bloggers are going to love them, as will everyone else! They have such a fabulous website, and have great clothes! It is so bright and sunny on their website it reminds me way too much of the beautiful weather at school and NOT here in MD! I am totally realizing how much I took the South Carolina weather for granted! They call themselves "The Original Southern Clothier", so you know their stuff has got to be good. As an added bonus, they sell all these preppy clothes for both men and women.

Check out this shirt, the Southern Marsh Southern Classics Embroidered Pocket Tee. I am in love with pocket T's! They are all over the college scene, and it seems like everyone has great pocket T's. I'd love to add this little baby to my own collection, since it's nicer than just throwing on a regular t-shirt that you'd workout in. How cute would this top be with dark jeans? Love it!

I also love long sleeve t's. They are cozy and warm and always good for SC autumns and even winters--we're too too lucky! I love the back of this shirt:
Green and Navy is such a good color combo and I love the tagline: "The Gentlemen's Foxhunt". You just never see those anymore, that's for sure! Not only do they have T's, but they have all kinds of dress shirts, polo dresses, croakies (a big college accessory) and coozies (I don't even think I need to add that coozies are also big college accessories)!!

Plus, this company has some of the cutest cutest cutest photos advertising their products. They are so sweet that I can't get enough, nothing like the complete trash you find in some teen stores (you all know what I'm talking about, you can hardly call them advertisements since they aren't wearing clothes!!) Look at these:
I just think this picture is so sweet! It's so spur of the moment and the black and white is adorable.

I think this company is too cute and I can't wait to order something! They describe the south too well:
"Known for it’s unique culture, beautiful people and timeless dress–The South is an area of the country that still finds time to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life. We do our best to package up a piece of that charm and give a snapshot into life with a little authentic southern class."
Go check the website out, I feel a little behind the curve since I know some bloggers already know about these fab people! This is yet another great pocket T, AND it's long sleeved--best of both worlds! I'm considering making this photo my computer background!

And as they say, Merry Christmas from the South (even though I'm home)! I hope everyone had wonderful, warm, safe Christmases! I'll be working many days this week and lusting after the entire Resort 2010 collection...yikes!!



Pink and Green Precious and Preppy said...

I've seen them too, a few other brands I found were Green Lobster USA
Southern Tide
and Fratty Flamingo

they're all kinda cute and kinda like Southern Marsh!

Pearls, Curls, and A Southern Girl said...

i love Southern Marsh! I found out about them this summer and ordered shirts for my then boyfriend & i! their tshirts are so comfortable and cute!

Beach Belle said...

How precious! Thanks for the find and I couldn't agree more about the advertising. I am on a one-woman mission to avoid shopping for any of my tween nieces in those stores.

Time to go shopping!

Hilary said...

Thanks for sharing! I've seen their clothing around but never knew who it was! I think you've unleashed an obsession in me! :)

gCe said...

I am ordering a shirt but Southern Proper seems to really have the market cornered at Tennessee another up and comer that I really like is Volunteer Traditions, they also have SC stuff as well!

Miss Preppy in Pearls said...

I love these!! Just wanted to let you know I tagged you for two awards. :)

KAC said...

That is so adorable...I love their shirts! Thanks for sharing!

The Wife said...

I love pocket t's and long sleeve t's too! I will definitely have to check out this website!

catherine said...
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Robert said...

I thought this company would be great; I mean I love the other startups that are marketing themselves as "southern." Well, it would be difficult for me to think of a time when I had a more difficult experience with any company. Their customer service is absolutely terrible; it's to the point that one wonders how legitimate this company actually is. I ordered two t-shirts from them and didn't see anything in my email (no shipping confirmation, etc.) or on my doorstep for WEEKS. I finally emailed them regarding the order and they got back to me (a week later), telling me that one of the shirts was out of stock (not on their website) and I told them to send the other and forget about the one out of stock. Well after another 2-3 weeks of nothing I emailed yet again and a week later got word that "sorry no one knows what's going on with this order." Seriously? You want to make it in business and you reply with that? I told them just to cancel it. I am still waiting for a refund for my "purchase" and I am beginning a charge inquiry today. Ridiculous. I cannot find any other place to warn people about dealing with this company but I am glad to do it here. USE CAUTION WHEN ORDERING FROM SOUTHERN MARSH. What a bad experience.


Anonymous said...

wow thanks for the heads up Robert, i was thinking of ordering off Southern Marsh's website but had doubts(couldn't even find a phone number to contact them about their products). Now i found this place that sell southern marsh clothing (Kinnucan's) and thinking of gettin my southern marsh apparel from them.

Caico said...

I love the apparel and ads for this company, but they truly are unprofessional about how quickly they send what you order. They are also careless about what they throw in your bag. I ordered a sea foam green shirt and received a white shirt. I sent it back with a note inside and an email and their specific form to correct the issue. After weeks I received a dark blue shirt. Their customer service will only tend to your issue if it is a Tuesday or Thursday, and Heaven forbid the actually employee is absent, because their intern wouldn't even take a message. After badgering them for 2 weeks(after receiving the 2nd wrong shirt) they finally shipped the sea form green shirt.

Caico said...

*foam* not form sorry