Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Packing Essentials: Warm Weather

Since I'm going to a hot weather destination, I figured I'd do a post about all the necessities of a beach vacation. I've never actually been on a cold vacay--no skiing or snowboarding for my family. We've been to beaches all over and I love all of our family vacations. I'm lucky enough to have parents who  have provided me with all the different experiences and I couldn't be more thankful!

Swimwear essentials:
Sorry for the awkward photo. I bought this bathing suit for this spring break after seeing a friend who had it. I've never worn a bandeau before, but I'm really excited to have this one from VS! Bandeaus are great because they minimize tan lines especially if you've got a great strapless dress to wear! Right now, this swimsuit is $29 all in. What a great price!

I also have this Lilly from a few years ago. It is very full coverage, so I usually wear this during my first few days in the sun. I actually was lucky enough to find this gem at a Marshall's in NY!


No-Ad sunscreen is the best you can buy. We use this sunscreen year after year and when we're saying at our beach house, we'll go to shop at places with No-Ad sunscreen specifically. It runs about $7 for a huge 36oz. bottle that will certainly last you awhile! No-Ad comes from their policy: no advertisements. Because of that, you may or may not have ever heard of it! 
This is my favorite after sun lotion. The rest of my family hates it actually though! It smells like a creamsicle and I believe they think it's too strong. I like it a lot and usually put it on before I go to bed! 

This is my second favorite after sun lotion, and the lotion is use most often. I have two bottles here at school with me and it is the best smelling, best working moisturizer out there. I found this lotion at a Walgreen's in Key West (I love any version of Walgreen's/CVS/Happy Harry's/etc.) when I got the very worst sunburn of my life. The skin on the back of my hands looked charred and my pores got so big. It actually changed the feeling of my hands to today. Yikes!! I learned my lesson for sure!!

Cover Ups:

I recently got this from VS too, and I posted it in another post. I cannot wait to wear it and I'll be sure to take a photo or two! I love how this feels and definitely recommend it!

I just got this cover up from Target the last time I went also. It is NOT this long though, it barely covers my tush! I got it more of a tunic than a dress for sure!

I always seem to almost forget socks/undies/undergarments/pj's! How bad!! For some reason, they're not pulled out of my dresser first, and by the time my bag is packed, THAT is when I realized I need to pack them!! SO SILLY!

Pack a dress or two (or a few...) for nights when you may want to dress up. This dress will be making the trip with moi and I can't wait to wear it for the first time! Bring a few nicer outfits in case you and your family or friends decide to go to a nicer restaurant or decide you just want to dress up one night! I plan to debut a few things that I got for Christmas on this vacation that are probably nicer than the usual. 

Pack comfy clothes that you can just throw on. I'm going to bring a few Lilly skorts and J. Crew t's so that I can be comfy if I have just gotten out of the sun and don't feel like getting all the way dressed up! A polo and a pair of 5'' chino shorts is always a great option too! All these packables are great options to have too in case the weather is a little variable! 


Jack Rogers!! These are a must have for tropical vacations! They look great with all types of outfits and I know I'll have mine with me. I think I'll be bringing my Platinum, Gold, and White ones with me but I haven't decided yet. I've spent the last week wearing them around campus so that I can break my feet into them...ouch! I was out with a friend Friday afternoon and got the nicest compliment on my gold Navajos!

Rainbows flip flops are also a great item to have in your bag. These extremely well made leather flip flops are guaranteed for life and can withstand just about everything. I have the thick women's in the traditional brown as seen in this picture and I love them. If you go to any high school or college campus in the spring, these will without a doubt be the shoe of choice. 


Liquids: make sure to pack all your necessary beauty supplies while you follow all the rules for flying. I've become quite a seasoned flyer (haha-just kidding!!) since school started, but I always forget about my liquid. Two times my LP Beachy perfume was challenged by TSA officials because I forgot to pull it out of my big Vera Bradley bag. Now I always pack my perfume in the middle of my bag under my stuffed frog that I sleep with so that they are protected by soft items. Both times in the airport, my silly squished frog was pulled out in front of all the travelers!! Ahhh! A little embarrassing, BUT everyone slept with something when they were a kid (or college student...) so they can't really judge!
Always make sure you have all necessary technological items with you. This may include laptops/chargers, cell phones/chargers, iPods/chargers, speakers, clocks, cameras, other random cords, hair dryers/straighteners, or anything else with a cord! There is always that moment when you're in the plane on your way to your destination and you realize you forgot your ______ charger. All too frustrating!! 

Chances are I'll probably refer back to this post when I have to pack my own bag. That is what Wednesday will be devoted to completely!! I am getting SO excited about going if you couldn't tell! I'll be sure to take some photos if I can!!



CRICKET said...

This is so making me ready to get out of town! Thankfully your suit is not black. I showed up at a parent/tot swim lesson the other day and every mom had on a black swimsuit. I looked a little out of place with my Lilly...maybe thats why they didn;t talk to me!?

Kerry said...

Looks like you remembered everything! All of your outfit choices are so cute! I hope you have an awesome vacation!!

College Prepster said...

I have the lilly bathing suit too!

bailey said...

Love Jack Rogers! I have my all ready for Spring Break. Have you seen their new website www.jackrogersusa.com They are making shoes other than sandals. So cute!!!

Jen said...

have sooooo much fun on your trip!! we're planning for spring break too and you basically just outlined a little packing list for me...thanks friend!

i can't wait for SUN!

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mFw said...

Perfect things to pack! Have a great spring break! And by the way, I decided to start a blog. prissyandpreppyflamingo.blogspot.com

Chloe said...

cute bathing suits- I love finding lilly at marshall's! have a great trip!