Thursday, April 29, 2010

"That Summer"- Summer Concerts Anyone?

Beyond being one of my absolute FAVORITE songs, Garth Brooks has one of the best summer songs! I am leaving to go home Saturday morning and my room is all packed up for the most part. It looks very very weird, and I honestly wish that I had about 2 more weeks with my friends to decompress after exams. My mom and I were talking about how abruptly school comes to an end for students who live on campus. It is weird to think that next Monday, I won't be waking up at 8:30 to go to my 9:05 psychology class and then to my 11:15 anatomy lab. I'm not excited about saying my goodbyes but I am excited to see my family. I felt a little bad when my sister picked up the phone and said, "Oh hi! Long time no talk!" so I owe her a lot of catch up time. (She just won an award for graphic design at school--you go girl! It just goes to show I picked a wonderful blog artist!)

Anyway, that whole entire preface was to talk about summer concerts I'm excited about! I'm a big fan of country during the summer and there are great outdoor venues close to home.

May 22: Darius Rucker
GO GAMECOCKS! I am a major Darius fan. He is a great singer and a Gamecock! I know his concert would be good and he'd be a wonderful live singer too! There he is singing the National Anthem in USC's opening ceremony for the new baseball stadium!

June 5: Toby Keith
Huge TK fan and have been since about 7th grade when country music hit its peak (circa 2004-2005-2006) or so I like to think. It seems like a lot of the good songs came out right around then, and still stand as some of my faves!

June 6: WMZQFest
Montgomery Gentry, Jamey Johnson, Little Big Town, Jack Ingram, Eric Church, Heidi Newfield, The Eli Young Band, Jonathan Singleton and The Grove, Lost Trailers, Ryan Bingham, Emily West are all playing! I only recognize about half of them, however I love music festivals. This one is on a Sunday and starts at 2:15. The last time I went to something like this, it was called Sunday in the Country and started around the same time and ended around 10. I was a sophomore in high school and it was SUCH a fun day!

June 19: Brooks and Dunn
This is their last tour-oh no! I would love to grab tickets to this concert just because you know it will be good. They sang on the CMA's (or whatever the last country music award show was...) and did such a good job. Plus they'd be singing all the good songs that everyone will know the lyrics to.

July 30: Jason Aldean
Jason Aldean singing "Big Green Tractor" would just about make me melt. David Nail is also opening up for him, so that would be the double whammy for a concert! This would be a very fun one to go to as well with a big group of people!

August 7: Corey Smith
Corey Smith is another one of my favorites! This concert would be back when I'm moving in to my apartment at school, but would make a very fun roadtrip for sure!! I have to find someone who's willing to go with me to this one, I'm dying to see him in concert soon! He's coming close to me at home, but isn't as well known in MD as he is here, so I definitely want to catch him at least once!

What are some of your summer concert faves? Any great memories?



Trish said...

YAAY!!!!!!!!!! Darius Rucker and Jason Aldean, SWOON! XOXOOXXOOX

Taryn said...

Love jason aldean and darius rucker...great concerts!

Sweet Caroline said...

corey smith was in high point last night for our spring concert!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Walter Tully said...

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Hope you enjoy your music fest!