Thursday, May 6, 2010

Food Obsession!

So, let's address the fact that I haven't blogged in a week. Yikes! Sorry everyone! I've been so busy with finals and packing up my room and getting home that Le Blog has been on the back burner. I've finally un-packed everything and tried to start living life at home normally. Since I've been home though, I've been looking at a website called! If any of you are food blog lovers, be sure to check this website out! I believe it compiles all the hits on different website. That means, all the most popular recipes (aka the yummiest) are organized in a massive list. I have separate files on my Bookmarks Bar for all the different food categories of recipes that I've saved: Breakfast Food (think Nutella Poptarts...), Lunch/Dinner Food (mmhmm Garlic Noodles), Dessert Food (ohh how many I have saved under here), and Snack Food (so many types of pizza snacks!!).

I am so excited to make some of these recipes! Plus, I have to learn how to cook since I'm living in an off-campus apartment next year! Here are a select few I want to try:

Ranch Pretzels by Miss Monogram--I follow her!!

Among working at the store, now I have my cooking project for the summer! If any of these come out especially delish I'll let you know for sure!!

What are some of your favorite foods?

What are your favorite recipes? Anything you'd like to pass on that I can add to my virtual recipe box?!



Holly D said...

I've had spaghetti pie before and its so good!!! that cupcake looks delicious <3

mFw said...

Glad you're back from USC safe and sound! That cupcake looks amazing!

Anonymous said...


Renata said...

The spaghetti pie looks so yummy - Thanks for posting the recipe!!!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

All of these foods look yummy, but that pink lemonade cupcake definitely caught my eye and looks scrumptious! I'm going to have to make that sometime in the near future!

I know you're relieved that your exams are all over. Enjoy your summer, and have fun cooking and baking up some of these recipes.

Love Paula Deen's Pineapple Blueberry Crunch. It is the easiest thing to make, and it is so tasty. I'm pretty sure you can find it on the Food Network website.

Gracie Beth said...

There are so many things I am looking forward to making in the Fall. I will be living with my brother and he appreciates my cooking so it will be lovely.

Anonymous said...

omigod those nutella poptarts look FAB!

check out my post about nutella:

<3 love <3!!!
--Claudia K
AKA style guru

Kristen said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of foodblogging! Don't forget and too. All delicious sites!