Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Love Me Some Southern Tide

So for any of you who haven't been introduced to Southern Tide, you have to check them out! I swear they have the SOFTEST polos created. I got an email from their mailing list with all the new polo colors (and chino colors too) coming out and had to pass it on to you all. They are so fun for summer and I know they'd be a delightful addition to any boy closet!

I am loving the Bluefin color for the polos and the Sailor Red and True Blue for the shorts.

I've mentioned ST on the blog before, but it is perfect for the beginning of summer which is (thankfully) right around the corner! This is their Skipjack Polo and they describe it as "The best, most comfortable classic polo ever made." and I know some boys who would agree for sure!

I also have to love a company who gives the good ole Gamecocks some TLC. Brittons is a great store located on Devine Street in the greatest city of Columbia, SC that has a huge selection of clothing. Look at what ST did for the Gamecocks:

For all my USC fans, you just gotta love em! I can't wait to see more ST hopefully up North here a little more. Any of my boy readers should invest in a polo or two for sure! (School colors are always a plus...having an "almost alumni" own the company helps too!)



Sweet Southern Prep said...

Good luck deciding on your colors! Always a problem of mine. I walked out with two Lilly polos the other day because I couldn't decide between one or the other.

Preppy Little Dress said...

How funny, I just posted about Southern Tide yesterday! :)

bevy said...

Yes... Columbia, South Carolina IS the greatest city ever! And I grew up and lived as an adult just down the street from beloved Brittons. Yummy clothes.