Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Lilly Warehouse Sale Results Are In!

Today, as I told you all a few days ago, my mom, sister, friend Emma, Emma's friend Catherine, Emma's mom and I all went to the fabulous LP Warehouse sale in King of Prussia, PA! It was a wonderful time that we all shared together!

We all got up very early so that we could drive in the morning and make it a pretty fast shopping trip. And when I mean early, I mean it-was-still-dark-out early. After hitting a little bit of traffic (which we learned was from an accident that temporarily shut down I-95), we finally made it to the craziness that was the Valley Forge Convention Center. Our very first sight was this:
That my friends, is the complete lack of any line to get in. We couldn't believe it!! We then shopped till we dropped and all came back with purchases (my mom included)!! It was freezing cold the entire time, but we all managed to enjoy the trip. Minus the awful "fitting rooms" which is really just one huge awkward area where all ages of girls and women are trying on LP clothes. It feels like a massive locker room, but everyone managed to stay semi-private, and I was certainly warned by both blogworld, and Emma's mom who is a LP Warehouse sale veteran. Emma and her mom have been going since Emma was 9 and she's now entering college.

That's my sister Grace (who designed the new blog layout if you remember) with one of her purchases! She looks adorable in this top when she's actually wearing it, but here she's being a total camera goofball and posing while we waited for our shopping companions to finish up! 
Here she is again showing off purchase #2. Purchases #3 and #4 were a tote bag and cosmetic case respectively. Neither were introduced to LP stores, but instead (we think) were cut for the sale! I know some people were complaining about the prices of this year's sale, but look at this unbelievable deal that Emma got for a friend of hers:

She got this Charles Blazer for:
Can you believe that!? From $595.00 (which is crazy to begin with) to $29.00!! This was a GREAT deal no matter what anyone has to say!!!

Now I naturally had to save the best for last! My own purchases!! We certainly didn't go wild at the sale, but I managed to grab the equivalent to 4 new outfits for myself:

I got two dresses, a halter top and a skirt!

I am LOVING this strapless dress! I never saw this in-store and I'm not sure if this Betsey Dress ever went into true production, but I'm now the proud owner of this one!

I also never saw this top in production, but at $39 I couldn't resist. It was the perfect length on me and fit me in the top, so really I couldn't put it down. Those two are a RARE combo for me, plus it'll look really nice with a few pieces in my closet!

I also snagged a Nadja dress which I know exists because it's actually in the store that I work in! I love my red Nadja dress from last year, and I had to grab another one. I couldn't find any weird things wrong with it, it still has the sash and both of the sash holders are working, so I kept this gem too!

Last but definitely not least, I got this skirt too! It's called Simple Skirt, and I don't think I ever saw it before at the store. It's made from a great polka dot material that you can see faintly in some of the pink areas in this photo. It is an awesome summery material that will get many, many uses!!

Please post the things that you picked up at the sale!! Were any of you there today?! I'd love to see how everyone else did at this crazy sale! Best of luck to the rest of the shoppers this week!



Muffy said...

VERRRRY cute items!!!!

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

I was there today! Will do a post later tonight. I have that Nadja dress and I wore it to my engagement party. I love it! Enjoy yours.

Ink Obsession Designs said...

So cute! I love the stuff you got!

Annie said...

You got some really cute things! I did a post on my blog today of all the things I got. I had so much fun. Next year we should all go up a day early and wait in line for a number together!

Jenna Rose Stern said...

so jealous! its my last week of senior year and with all the crazyness going on there was no way i could go, but im planning for one of the next sales! love your finds! xoxo Jenna

Fashionista said...

wow looks like you girls did great :) i love lilly!

Preppy Perfectionist said...

I am so jealous- everything looks sooooo cute! So glad you had a great time! Have a great day! xoxo

BroncoMom said...

You really snagged some treasures. Looks like it was a lot of fun with a lot of laughs!

Her Preppiness said...

Great finds.

Kate said...

I love your finds! I so regret not going when I lived in DC

BLC :o said...

Great finds!!! I had the BEST time there myself. Cheers! Xoxo-BLC