Friday, July 9, 2010

Eye Makeup Faves!

I used to wear a lot of makeup. Not face makeup, but lots of eye makeup. Even as early as last semester I wore a lot of black eyeliner. Well, it's summer and that is no place for lots of dark, thick, circles around your eyes. Some days I still like the look, and I'm sure I'll end up wearing some (extra) eyeliner on a night out our two, but I'm taking the heavier look out of my rotation. I do though, highly recommend my two eyeliners for those who like that look:
This is my LORAC On Screen Duo. I used to wear this around my eyes completely, but now I've progressed to wearing eyeliner only on the top of my lids. This is a great no-smudge one (something I've struggled with since I've started wearing real makeup) and the highlighter that's included is a nice color. 

I also have LORAC Front of The Line PRO eyeliner. This stuff is eyeliner gold if you ask me. It is a liquid (while the other one was more gel) and it goes on very smoothly. It took me a little while to get this right, and some days it still looks cockeyed, but I really like it. If you're in the market for a new liquid pen eyeliner, get this one while you can. I have it in black and it's more translucent so the heavy look isn't a worry.

As for mascara, it's the one thing I wear basically 24/7 unless I'm at the beach, just getting out of the shower, or majorly relaxing. I've tested so many different types and I have two must-haves (and you'll think I'm absolutely crazy for why I have two.)

CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof is my first must have! ...however, it's a must-have for top lashes only. The brush is so wide that if you try to use it on your delicate bottom lashes, your face gets all black and gook-y. Gross. Then you end up having to start all over. BUT, for the top lashes it is so worth it. I have super super super long eyelashes. They're so long, people often comment on them. They're so long that some sunglasses don't fit right and when I was little my eyelashes would interfere with swimming goggles. The LBV mascara makes them long and voluminous (hence the name I guess...) and a little curled.

My other must-have is Maybelline Define a Lash Waterproof. This one though, is for the bottom. The funny shaped brush (it's fat then skinny in the middle then fat again) helps in getting the lashes in the corners of your eyes. I used to wear this on the top, but sometimes it would be too clumpy. This is a really good pick for just a little volume, like what you want on the bottom so it's not messy. 

I've never been big on wearing a lot of makeup, and I don't really think it matches the easy-going vibe of summer. I always think I look silly in a fun Lilly dress and then a TON of eye makeup. For some reason it just doesn't match to me. What's your makeup regiment? Can you recommend any good ones? I'd love to know!



Pearls, Curls, and A Southern Girl said...

Love Lorac eyeliner! Covergirl lashblast is the best drugstore mascara I've found as well, but I still love Diorshow

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

I have some gel liner for my top eyelids, but I'm definitely going to try the eyeliner pen. It looks like it would be perfect!

Have a great weekend!

Sarah Wyland said...

Love Lashblast! Works amazing.