Thursday, July 15, 2010

Planning My Vision

This is the bedding that I have for next year! A few people asked me if I would post it, and as someone guessed, it's Tommy Hilfiger Hibiscus Hill bedding. I'm really excited to have it and my mom got it for a steal! With bedding out of the picture, I'm working on the additions to my room and what the bathroom will look like. I went to Target yesterday to get some ideas and to see what was out there. At first I was thinking about a monogrammed shower curtain in a shade of green to match the bedding. 

As I shopped around I found a few great pieces that would go with that from Target:
The Avocado set of items would be super cute and would  match the bedding very well. They have all kinds of bathroom fixtures just like these that would all match very well. I'm calling this look #1.

After shopping around for a little while I found an adorable shower curtain that's white with delicate "ruffles" that I love:

This inspired an entirely new look for a bathroom that I'm calling look #2. This would include all polished silver instead of the avocado. I'd use these holders:

I love the clean look of the clear plastic and silver. I'd put cotton balls and tissues and all kinds of other fun stuff.

Right now, I'm leaning toward Look #2, but I'd love some votes one way or the other!

I also found some really fun room stuff. I get a desk, desk chair, dresser, and nightstand since it's a furnished townhome. I haven't thought too much about the other stuff that I'd like to get, so I was excited to run into a few items that I could picture in my room (...and most of them happen to be from the Circo Little Girls' section!):
I'm loving these pink tupperwares! They're actually clear with pink snap tops, how much fun!? I used a lot of these for storage last year in my dorm room and they worked out great. I also found some other pink accessories (and how great do both shades of pink match the pinks in my bedding?!):

I enlarged this picture so you can see the shelves better, but they're so sweet. They're big square bookshelves that fit more square cloth drawers. I have about 4 of the drawers already from my own room at home, but I could just pop pink and green ones right into the cubbies and then have a few other cubbies for storage (books, etc.) and the be able to potentially put my TV on top! These shelves also come in white which could be a nice neutral alternative if the wood in the room fixtures is white too. I really think that these shelves would be great in my room!

On a completely other note, I found a total Lilly Pulitzer knockoff dress:

Super cute, and probably no more than $30! I can't believe those designers over at Target...they really can make some spiffy knockoff designs!

What do you guys think about Look 1 and Look 2 (I feel like Dr. Seuss)? I can't wait to hear!!!



College Prepster said...

College room twins <3

Also, loving the Lilly knock off dresses at Target!!!


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Casey said...

I'm gonna vote for Look #2. And sorry, but while your bedding choice is pretty it's too busy for me to sleep on. I'm used to plain white sheets, although I think the comforter would look great with them!

I Asked For Scrambled said...

I love Look #2, it's a little more sophisticated and clean than the avocado. Avocado stuff is cute, I've seen ti at my Target too, I just like the 2nd look a little better! :)

Casey said...

And who knew there was LP knock offs at Target?! I guess I don't shop their clothing very much.....

The Wife said...

I like the look of #2 but the monogram shower curtain of look #1.

Sunshine and Summertime said...

love them both but I think I like look 2 better! Just think, you can do all white with subtle pink and green accesories-- like flowers or picture frame - you name it! I also love the pink and green cubby ideas, and it would be the perfect spot for your tv. Great bedding too btw!

Kathy said...

I LOVE that TH pattern. Have been looking for it in TJM and Homegoods here but will have to get it online i think! (it was me who guessed!)

I like both looks for your bathroom. Sorry i know that doesn't help! : )

Love the pink containers too!

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

They're both pretty! I think I like look #2 the best because I love being able to see everything in the clear containers.

The bedding is lovely! Love the pink and green!

Summer Wind said...

Love the Lilly knockoff dress! What a steal! I like look number 2 better but I do say they are both very cute ideas!

Heather said...

I had the nine cube shelf with pink and green cubes for three years of college and it was great for storage - keep every neat and out of sight.

YSP said...

Love all the ideas! That bedding looks so cute! I tagged you in an award on my blog also!


{The Young Southern Prep}

BunnyBelle said...

Because of this story I am currently heading out to Target to find that dress. Great find!

Sweet Caroline said...

love the bedspread! I had that for my freshman year and everyone loved it!! happy shopping and have a great weekend (:

Anonymous said...

Love the Lilly knockoff die for, now I have a reason to go to Target. Really like the bedding too, I'm just about to buy a new duvet set and want something similar.