Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beach Inspired Makeup Line by MAC

I was looking at the Kate Spade contest on Polyvore, and included in one of the entries was this ADORABLE powder blush:
Intrigued, I followed a slew of links that finally took me to the online MAC counter at Nordy's online. I pretty much love beach-themed anything. I'm a sucker for starfish, I swoon for seahorses, and I could really go on with about six more of the corny aquatic alliterations. The beachy-fabulousness continues:

Starfish Lipglass! I find that some MAC Lipglass-es can be too tacky (especially if you were actually going to wear this on the beach) but I do love the pale pink shimmer. This is just too cute!

I don't ever wear bronzer because I can't seem to find a good color. I like a little bit of sparkle (I had a friend Taylor, during my freshman year of high school and I was always jealous of her bronzer. She looked SO pretty. She ended up switching to a big rival school of ours and I never got a chance to ask her!). I would definitely trust a beach themed bronzer to give me that beachy look...either that or I'm just a huge gimmick girl. There's also a creme version:

So far that shell is one of my faves!
I don't do lip pencil, nor do I ever intend on doing so, but the coral detailing on this pencil is to die for! I would love some cloth material on that. How cute!!!

I also don't wear lipstick but I had to post this because the color is called "Funbathing". Yes, please. (Funny story: two of my friends this summer didn't have jobs. One just graduated and another got laid off after her camp realized they had too many workers and they were calling their lifestyle "funemployed". That's a keeper.)

I haven't the slightest what "lustre drops" are, but it sounds quite fabulous. I'd like to feel a little lustre-y now, so maybe I'll pile on the LD's. I don't even know where you'd put them let alone what they do, so if you do know anything about them, please fill me in.

I'm LOVING this beach inspired line from MAC. Between their Lillylovers line and this beach theme, they're on my list. Kudos MAC!



Diane said...

If you're looking for a good bronzer, try Laguna by NARS! I swear by it. It's very very natural looking and you can build it up to the desired color.

An Inquiring Mind said...

This was my favorite MAC Collection of all time!

South Carolina Belle said...

I am a MAC addict! This line was one of my favorites. One of the unfortunate things about MAC is that most of these type lines are limited addition which can make finding some items really hard. As for the lustre drops you can put a few in the palm of your hand and use them on the apples of your cheeks or cheekbones for a more highlighted look (used kind've like a cream blush) or you can drop a few drops in with your foundation and mix it up to create a more glowy look.. perfect for the beach! I hope that helped!

BroncoMom said...

Love this post. All things MAC are fantastic.

LillyxxGal said...

I was unaware of this line, thanks so much for sharing!! xox Sue

Anonymous said...
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A Wedding Story said...

How cute are these products!?!

Anonymous said...
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文王廷 said...
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Hannah said...

I have not seen this, but it looks like such a fun line. I even might have to try out that lipstick.

The outfit you posted today seems perfect for running around.

I cannot wait to see your new place!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Those are just too cute!

the pink prep said...

oh i LOVE the beachy MAC -- so cute!