Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Outfit of the Day: Running Errands Back on Campus!!

Today I wore a new shirt that my mom picked up for me from the J. Crew outlet. It's not exactly like the one pictured, but instead it has 3 faux strands of pearls and a few bows. I couldn't find it online, but I promise it's cute. I also wore a great pair of flats from the Miss Trish of Capri line of sandals from Target. They bend in a weird place, but are an adorable alternative to Jacks and add a splash of color. 

I haven't been regularly blogging because I've been moving into my new apartment. I'll be sure to get my bootay organized and snap some photos for here and my mom. She's dying to see the "final thing" even though it's not really close to finished. Unfortunately I've had to prioritize everything and blogging hasn't been #1. I'll be sure to keep you guys updated from here on after.

Onto the good news, I got the grade that I needed to get credit for my calculus class. I really believe that it's impossible to accelerate (as I think about the acceleration double prime formula...yuck.) an entire semester's worth of work into 4 weeks including the final. Yikes! But that is in the past and I can move on. What that good news means is that I can matriculate into the school of business normally and have lost little or no time. A good friend of mine has only taken 1 business class that I'll be missing, but otherwise my AP credit (thank God) gave me a boost. My life now has a plan and isn't as "in shambles" as I've been thinking for the last two months. We can now move on and continue with college. I've had the best support systems through this whole summer between my main student organization, friends, math tutor (shout out to Kate!), and family. 

I'm about to go cut up some DEEEElish caramel cake that my mom sent me as a deliciously sweet treat with some of the friends I invited over to "my place" to enjoy it too! Tomorrow look out for a post about the most darling penguin cupcakes that we made with marshmallow fondant!



Sweet Southern Prep said...

I've got the same Longchampp khaki bag, and love it! Your ensemble is so casual and cool. Great picks! :)

College Prepster said...

i'm in the bschool too :-)

An Inquiring Mind said...

Super cute outfit and I love the bag most of all!

katie c said...

you have the cutest outfits! i'm leaving for school next week and i'm so excited to get back to Tallahassee :)

katie c said...

you know what they say... great minds think alike :) what sheet set did you get? i can't seem to find a solid green or pink sheet set that matches the flower just right.