Thursday, August 12, 2010

Housewarming Gift from the Fam

Last night my family sent me and my "new family" (a.k.a. my roommates) this cake. I mass texted a few of my friends telling them about the housewarming gift and two came over last night. I think a few others will enjoy it tonight at a Jersey Shore night that my friend Sara is hosting! It is oh so delicious and rich. The cake serves 14, but really could probably serve twice that since it's so rich.  There are 7 layers of both cake and caramel frosting which is so sugary and sweet and filling. Caroline's Cakes (the bakers) has even been featured on the Today Show and I completely understand why.

At my last birthday I had this cake and ended up taking more than half of it back home with me (which was sorta like a second birthday present if you think about it) since my group of about 10 friends and I were only eating teeny tiny slivers. I even featured the cake on my birthday Polyvore set! If you ate a piece like the one cut on the plate, you'd be pretty much dead and in a sugar coma. I was full from a 1/2 inch slice last night!

Caramel cake is a big Southern Tradition that has made it's way all the way up to Maryland, and coincidentally all the way back to me in SC! Be sure to check out Caroline's Cakes if you dare, I promise you'll be hooked!!!



Anonymous said...

Awww. I am a 5 minute walk from Caroline's! She is so sweet! Have fun at school!

mFw said...

Hope you're enjoying your new apartment! So sweet of your parents!!

Worthington said...

I have had this cake before from Caroline's and it's pretty ok. I only say that because my Mom still makes her caramel cake from scratch here in VA and it's a blue ribbon county fair winner! Three layers of normal 8-9" cake pans... The icing takes ages, btw, insanely tedious. I don't know who will make them when my Mom stops, as the family on both sides loves it so much she makes it about 20+ times a year!

Thank you for making me think of my Mom before I head to bed. : )

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

How pretty! I am not a big cake fan but it looks stunning!!