Thursday, August 26, 2010

Katie Does Zumba

So, in an effort to be on campus more and get my lazy butt up, I tried a Zumba was AWESOME. If anywhere local offers Zumba, do it! This routine is closest to the one we do for "Waka Waka" and is by far my favorite dance. Some are flirty, some are more exercised based, and some target specific areas. Our class is capped at 65 students and both times I've gone have been 100% female and have had to turn away at least 50 students so you have to get to Zumba about half an hour before it starts. It is so energizing and blows every other kind of workout out of the water!



YSP said...

Ahh I love Zumba! I did it with my lacrosse team this past spring - it is such a fun workout!


AtlYankeeBelle said...

this looks like so much fun! Im def gonna look into a local class :)

bevy said...

Thanks for posting this YouTube. I've heard so much about Zumba but had never seen it in action!

Casey said...

Speaking of water, I tried Water Zumba. It was completely ridiculous and completely unrealistic.