Tuesday, August 24, 2010

UPDATE: Nashelle Necklaces

I was looking at the website for a local store (at home) and found these adorable necklaces:
Just the darling charm is $25! How cute?

I love that little whale, summery, fun and nautical!

I've never been big on luck or superstition, but this horseshoe is so much fun for anyone at USC. Our biggest, greenest, prettiest, most historic area of campus is called "the Horseshoe" because it's shaped that way. The buildings are gorgeous and I swear this area alone seals the deal for some prospective families!

Here are two of the charms: the stamped initial charm and the anchor. Both of these are very Annapolis! The stamped charms were SO popular in my high school, and it was funny to see them combined with anything else. I really like the shade of gold and how its not SUPER shiny. It's still very pretty and feminine!

Here are some of the other designs. I'm a big fan of the starfish one and the open circle!

You can buy NASHELLE jewelry at Nordstoms, some local stores (like where I found these), and online! Happy shopping! 


UPDATE 9:39 PM: The necklaces are by a company called Nashelle!! I'm sorry for misleading you all! The website is here!!!


Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Would you mind giving me the site to buy them? I went to the Anna Beck site and didn't see any of the necklaces that you posted.

Kara Marie said...

sooo cute! i want one :)

The Sailor in Pink said...

They are all so cute! Would you mind posting the website? I definitely want to get one for a gift for my sister. Thanks!

PS love your blog!!

Preppy Little Dress said...

Love the Seahorse and Whale necklaces...too cute!

Anonymous said...

That whale is certifiably preptastic! Great finds MIss LBP, all of them.

Sending you a smile,

Kate said...

Ooh I love the whale and anchor ones!