Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lilly Shoe Steals!

I had some time to spare tonight between getting ready for classes this week grocery shopping, and organizing my room so I did a little online browsing. I found so many great Lilly shoe deals all over the internet:
I. Want. These. They have a size 10 for half price on PreppyOutlet!!! If you're a size 10, these may not be available soon...oops. These are like great TB knockoffs while still being Lilly and adorable. Not only that, but they're flat enough for me so that it doesn't add too much height for me. The gold would go with so many different things, and transition into fall and even winter...oh man!!

Both navy and white McKims are on PO too! I have coveted both pairs at times this summer, but I've stuck with Jacks instead. Now that they're half price as well, we're talking about a different ball game! The pearlized pink ones are super cute too, but unfortunately they're not in my size! Too bad!

These gold flats are on sale at! I love the pink details on these, and I'd have to see if a 9.5 could work, but these are super cute! Pewter is available as well, but I know I'd wear gold more. 

Spaghetti strap McKims are on sale at Splash of Pink for almost half price! They have SO many color options: black, white, silver, limeade, turquoise, daiquiri pink, and gold! You can even TEXT them to see if they have your color and size combo available!!! 

Sorry the photo is so funny shaped, but at Smart Bargains, they have these super fun flats available! They're not only half price, but 74% off! What a deal! Silver is also available in the same shoe!

SB also has these flip flops at 68% off ringing up at just under $12! That's a deal if I ever heard one!



Preppy Girl Meets World said...

A lot of your pictures didn't post so I couldn't see them, but I have the Spaghetti Strap McKims in the hot pink (and also gold) and I love them!

Anonymous said...


Glitterista said...

The quilted flats tend to run small--my normal size was too tight. Love all of them though!

Anonymous said...

I could only see about half of your images, but the ones I did see are darling, especially the pink pair at Smart Bargains.

Sending you a smile,

Miss Janice said...

Some of the images did not show up but I love the pink ones with the bow!