Friday, August 20, 2010

J. Crew Jewelry

Today I wore the J. Crew Symphony Crystal necklace and received so many compliments on it!
I wore a simple black tank (from Wal Mart actually) and a white J. Crew basic skirt with white Jacks. I haven't had a reaction like all the comments I got today in a very long time! People LOVED this necklace. It ties in the back and it hung very well with the neckline of my tank. I was thinking about wearing gold Jacks with it, but this morning I got up and couldn't seem to find them (curse you 8am classes everyday!) anywhere in my closet or around my room. 

My mom actually gave me this necklace for my birthday after we went shopping one day in a MASSIVE outlet mall about half and hour away from my house. I really liked the necklace when I first saw it in the store, but it was something ridiculous like $65 initially. Around my birthday, it went on sale for $30 with an extra 30% off at the outlet. I think the J. Crew outlet is great and I tend to buy more from the outlet than the regular store. Given, all the clothes you do really need to try on, but the accessories are great. Just this summer, I got a great pair of starfish pave earrings that are so much fun:

In my house, we're pretty big on starfish. I think all us girls have at least two pairs of starfish earrings (accrued over the sister found the first pair in Rehoboth Beach, then my mom got a pair at a store here, and I followed suit with my Fornash earrings, then we all got these and recently my mom got a Fornash starfish pearl bracelet...yep I told you, we enjoy starfish). I think these earrings were $20 with an extra 30% off and we even grabbed up more to give as gifts.

Anyone else have any J. Crew jewelry? I clearly love mine!



Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I love it! Jcrew and I are on the outs but that necklace is stunning!

Anonymous said...
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flip flops and pearls said...

Those earrings are great!

I am your newest follow...cute blog!!

I am also hosting a Preppy Christmas Swap:)
You may be interested....details on my blog-
Have a great day!


The Sailor in Pink said...

Love the starfish earrings! J. Crew jewlery is the BEST! My favorites are their bangles because you can stack them or wear them as a single piece :]

Pink and Preppy said...

I absolutely LOVE pretty much everything J Crew. I have some bracelets from J crew I got a few years ago that I absolutely love. All their jewelry is Beautiful and always looks great !!!