Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lilly's Endless Summer Sale!

What did you guys pick up from this AMAZING sale?! I just love the colors they used in this ad too!

Since I'm a broke college student, all I did was online browse, but I found some choices that I would have picked up in a hot second if I was still in shopping mode:

I would have snatched up this Adelson Shift for $119. I LOVE the Hotty Pink Floral Punch print, and the Adelson is a great cut. It's super flattering and this would have been great to take into fall by pulling out the great orange hues!

I have found one of my new favorite Lilly styles: the Betsey! This strapless dress is a tad short for me, but so much fun for summer. I love the cut and waist where it hits. This dress does tend to stretch out a little, so definitely order appropriately! Also Prep Green Hit the Spot is a great print when it's on!

I've never seen the Tenley Shift, so I don't know much about it, but the print is too much fun! Plus, I'm totally a sucker for a shift dress, so this would be great!

This is another Betsey and the color combo is the best! Pink and white are so much fun, but unfortunately I don't think this would get much wear this late in the season. It's a little too formal for anything I have for the rest of the hot season, but definitely adorable!

Did anyone pick up anything good? What all happened with the problematic sales...did you still get what you had hoped for? Fill a girl in!



Gracie Beth said...

I didn't buy anything either! Also because I am a broke college student!

Preppy Perfectionist said...

I didn't buy anything either- I feel your pain! Next year, let's remind each other to save up for it! Hope school is going great! xoxo

The Sailor in Pink said...

I didn't buy anything either :[ But the pink and white Betsy dress is definitely on my wish list!