Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pip-Squeaks and Getting Organized

I think that these markers are the BEST available! I just finally got my big desk calendar today and I'm really big about color coding important stuff:
RED: VC/Ambassadors Stuff/Leadership
RED/BLACK: Football Games (the other team is color coded by their own colors)
BLUE: Business school events/meetings
GREEN: Random events
PINK: Miscellaneous (but important enough to make it on the calendar, i.e.: first day of classes) 

Even though these markers are geared toward little kids (hence the smaller size), I still love them. Senior year of high school, a girl in a few of my classes used them a bunch, and so I went out to get some of my own! I've been using them since. I love Crayola products (markers, neon markers, skinny markers, colored pencils, crayons...even in college you never know when you might need them!) and so I tend to buy them especially during the school year. I'm glad I'm finally getting organized, and soon I'm going to place my order for: 

Lifeguard Press BIG White Zin Agenda
I'll be organized in a matter of days! Then I think my stress level will go down a bit once I have a plan, written down right in front of me!


P.S. As I type this, my favorite movie "My Best Friend's Wedding" is on our TV and they're about to break into "Say a Little Prayer" in the Lobster favorite scene!!


Her Preppiness said...

I love Crayola Markers too!! The Crayola Factory is close to me and even at my age I love it.

Classic Tart said...

i absolutely love those markers and the names of the colors! they are so cute!

AtlYankeeBelle said...

great idea! Im gonna order one of those planners and get some cute markers!

Annabel Manners said...

There is nothing like new school supplies to get you organized and ready for fall. Even if you're out of school it feels great!

Southern Sweetie: said...

My Best Friend's Wedding is my favorite movie too!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Katie said...

I love Crayola products. I have boxes of stuff at college, and I have them as a gift for my little in her first day basket!

Pink and Preppy said...

I absolutely love everyhting and anything Crayola!!!

Sara said...

I love that you color code different things on your calendar! I do the same thing!! =) Instead of markers I use colored pens. =)