Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Croakies: The Must Have Southern Accessory

Croakies, without a doubt, are an absolute must-have here in the South. Everyone from boys to girls to moms to dads wears them. I have a pair of USC ones myself that we got for free for working an open house event, but they are EVERYWHERE. Technically speaking, the kind of croakies that I have are suiters as seen here:
I would recommend this kind, BUT sometimes they can ruin a good hairdo. The soft jersey material is very comfortable though, and the adjuster stays in place on the sunglass side and the other end.
These palmetto croakies are probably the most popular choice for students here. I have a similar pair of pink ones but I rarely wear those because the shade of pink is a little too jarring for me.
Camouflage is also a popular choice!

Lots of companies make croakies with their logo on it. Vineyard Vines and many others follow suit.
Southern Marsh
Dixie Gentleman
 Commonwealth Birding: Brian over at CB contacted me about a product review on these croakies a few weeks ago! They are very well made and would certainly stand up since they're backed not with foam but instead with durable polypropylene! Plus how cute is that little quail?

Often times girls will get their croakies monogrammed or embroidered. I love this option--who couldn't!
I'm a big fan of these croakies too! I like the black and red polka dot one for gameday! Too fun! All the pink and green options are fab too!

I enjoy a nice croakie in the South, but I know I wouldn't wear it up at home. It's definitely not a trend there! Maybe a little bit with the boaters, but not with the general public!


12:19 Edit: All my photos link back to their original locations (RE: Trim), so just chop of all the gobbley-gook at the end after the ".com" and it will show you where they're located!


Lilly and Lacrosse Sticks said...

I did a post about croakies too! (Mine was yesterday!) What type of sunglasses do you wear? I wear Wayfarers and every pair of cute croakies I find don't fit!

Pearls, Curls, and A Southern Girl said...

I've got more croakies than I know what to do with! Definitely a staple in the south

Kappa in the Commonwealth said...

I love this post just as much as I love my croakie collection! While in my undergrad years, I especially liked sporting my Sorority's croakies for game day!

kelseaf said...

I go to school in Virginia and everyone has croakies but back in MD, where I live, they are foreign, so I know what you are talking about!

Trim said...

Hi Katie,
I like your blog. Can you post links to the different croakie sites (i.e. where you found them).

Wishing you the best, Leo

Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

I live in Tennessee and had never heard of these until I saw that my university was giving them away. I find them weird to be honest.