Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Britney and Brittany GLEE

This picture came out yesterday, but it got me SO EXCITED for Glee tonight!! The Brittany/Britney episode is finally on tonight!! I've heard about this since LAST season when Brittany became a little more famous for her hilarious one-liners ("Dolphins are just gay sharks.") and rockin' dance moves. I for one am a huge Brittany AND Britney fan so when I heard about the collab, I was pumped.

The featured songs are quite possibly some of my absolute Britney favorites: Baby One More Time (I still remember to this day buying her first CD-at Tower Records-after watching her dance in an all pink workout outfit on Regis and Kathy Lee when I was way younger), Stronger, I'm a Slave 4 U, Me Against the Music and Toxic. I would have LOVED to see Crazy and Oops I Did It Again and Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know, because they're all in my top Britney repertoire, but such is life. I'm still SO excited either way.

From all the Glee stalking reading I've been doing for this episode, I've found out the following (beware, these are all plot spoilers):
  • Brittany is somehow "connected" to Britney
  • John Stamos (UNCLE JESSE! My goodness this episode is like reliving my entire childhood!) makes an appearance
  • Uncle Jesse may or may not be involved with Emma (AHHH!!!)
  • It's New Direction's idea to perform the Britney showcase
I can't wait for tonight!! My favorite TV show + one of my favorite performers + the goofy uncle from one of my childhood favorite TV shows = BRILLIANCE!



South Carolina Belle said...

I can't wait either!!! I'm such a Gleek too! love it!! Have a great day!

BroncoMom said...

Oooh, tonight's episode is gonna be a good one!!

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

i can't wait! i read an interview with the actress who plays brittany and she sounds so smart! funny, i guess she plays a not-smart person so well! let's meet back here tomorrow and dish about the episode! xoxo

Hannah said...

I cannot WAIT until I see this episode!