Monday, September 27, 2010

My Next Roadtrip/Vacay: Sea Island, GA

So, last week was a huge downer, I had so much work and it just about killed me, so I decided where my next vacation (in my mind) will be: Sea Island, GA. It's only 3 hours and 49 minutes as per mapquest, and from it's looks, I'm sure it would be beautiful in the fall! I've never heard of it before, but facebook suggested it as an advertisement. Here are some beautiful pictures:
Love those pillows! This is a place called Sea Island Resort--I think it's so pretty!
The Cloister Dock...this reminds me of home so much!
Yep, this picture just sold me.

I think I'm going to keep looking up fun local-ish places to (desire to) go to/roadtrip (although, realistically Sea Island is ridiculously out of the budget for a college student). There are so many fun and gorgeous places here in the South that are worth highlighting! 

Anyone ever been here? Looks AMAZING!!



Life of a Savannah Wife said...

Sea Island is VERY close to us! We love going there. St. Simons is where we spend all our vacations and we get to go to Sea Island while we're there. You'll love it!

Sarah Long said...

My family and I have traveled to Sea Island forever! You must go and stay at the Cloister! It is absolutely divine!

Anonymous said...

This place looks beautiful! Those verandas are screaming for mint juleps and sweet tea!

Sally said...

The Cloister is beautiful but very expensive. There are several other inns on St. Simons Island that are very nice and located near the quaint village and pier. St. Simons is my favorite place to go, would love to retire there one day!

Worthington said...

The Cloister is excellent and beautiful. FYI, Sea Island filed for bankruptcy in early September so I know some places are closing for good since the "peak" season is over. Saint Simons Island is literally right next door and is equally as beautiful and has diverse options of eating, sleeping (check out Ocean Lodge and The King & Prince Resort), playing, etc. If you go to either, make sure you visit the National Park for Fort Frederica, which is gorgeous and neat ruins. Eat at Sal's Pizzaria, Crabdaddy's, Halyards, Saltwater Cowboy, and Tramici!