Sunday, September 26, 2010

South Carolina State Fair: Smile City

Two words: Culture Shock.
Last year when I went to the state fair, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. One of the classes offered here at USC is called University 101 and the whole class deals with transitioning to college. It's a great class and I really recommend anyone to take it if something similar is offered at your school. But moving on, my U101 Professor insisted that we all experience THE State Fair. I was excited since I had never been to a state fair (apparently it's not a big deal in Maryland...) and I didn't know what to expect. Columbia is also smack in the middle of South Carolina, and we have a massive fairground/football parking lot for the fair specifically. 

This year the state fair is 9 days long! 4 of the days are while we're on fall break, but there is so much going on during the time! Some of the performers are Corey Smith, Miranda Lambert, Eric Church, Josh Kelley, Boyz II Men, Oak  Ridge Boys, Avett Brothers (ohh they sing a great song called Pretty Girl from Annapolis), David Crowder and Darius Rucker!!! What a good lineup, right? So excited! Other celebrities joining: largest pumpkin in the state, largest watermelon in the state (welcome to South Carolina), many acts from America's Got Talent, and even the largest bunny in the state.

I got SO much good people watching done while I was at the state fair too. Jorts, Harley Davidson, Lilly, Tommy Bahama, Camo, you name it, it was ALL at the SC State Fair. Very fun! We also at a ridiculous amount. I'm sure my caloric intake was beyond the daily value, but it sure was tasty! I was able to try a fried Oreo (delish), see a footlong corn dog (you've never seen one like this), taste an elephant ear (oh so good), and so much more! 

I cannot wait to go back!! I'm SURE some of my Southern ladies know a good state fair! I'm absolutely counting down the days until we can go back!!



The Sailor in Pink said...

That sounds awesome! I live in the northeast so I've never been to a state fair either but that is definitely something I want to go to someday!

Sunshine and Summertime said...

Oh you make me miss home... I grew up in NC and the NC State Fair is huge! Our school would even let us out a day so everyone could go! Now that I'm living in Arkansas, I haven't been to the fair in two years!!! Have some elephant ears for me!

mFw said...

Sounds like fun!!! The city where I'm now at school has their own fair that starts like next week so I have a feeling I'll be there for a little while! Should be interesting!

Sarah Wyland said...

I LOVE fairs! Fair food alone is worth it! That is an awesome lineup - Eric Church and Miranda Lambert especially put on great shows and Darius is a sweetheart of a guy. And I'm partial to one of the Oak Ridge Boys because he follows me on Twitter, so I'd recommend them too, ha!

bevy said...

Love the SC State Fair!