Monday, September 13, 2010


So another "all the rage" item on campus that I'm seeing is the sidebag. Or that's what I'm calling it. I think the proper name is the "Crossbody" bag. Anyway, they seem to be everywhere. I've seen them going out and at football games, both of which seem like great places to be able to be hands-free. I'm thinking they're the new version of wristlets. Here are a few popular styles:
I love this Dooney and Bourke one! This pink shade is actually on sale for $32.25. I may have to treat myself to this after payday next week! The pink is too much fun and I know I would use it often!

This khaki shade is super versatile! I may try this instead since it's also on sale!

D&B but not on sale! Too bad!

I've seen the Garnet choice a lot too! It's cute too, but I think I'd only use this at football games and it wouldn't match too many of my outfits if I was going out.

This is a Kate Spade version of the Crossbody. It's very cute, but MUCH more glamorous! Maybe for a special event!

Marc Jacobs...oh so luxe! Look at that quilted leather and the fabulous pink color!!

How do we feel about the Crossbody? Is it the new Le Pliage? Should I snatch up a D&B one for myself while the fun color is still on sale??



mFw said...

The pink d and b one is adorable! I might order it too!!

Just Ask Beth said...

Marc jacobs is my fave!! I love the Pink Sorbet.. y;all are the sweetest!

Miss Wedding Belle said...

I love the khaki D&B, and your blog.

I have a giveaway on my blog if you want to check it out.

kWe said...

I still love my longchamp bag... it holds EVERYTHING!

The Sailor in Pink said...

love the Marc Jacobs one and the Dooney! Cross body bags are so great for traveling or walking in the city!

Royar said...

I have the D&B Letter Carrier in yellow and I love it! You should get it!

Natalie Franke said...

I keep seeing these all over campus too! :) Adorable!

CRICKET said...

I have been debating on this style for myself. I definately Love the Kate Spade and think one could use it ALL the time.

Katie said...

I have a black leather kate spade bag! My roommate has a marc by marc jacobs, and one of my best friends has a dooney and bourke! all the rage!

Anonymous said...

While these can be super cute on the right girl, those of us with a fuller bust MUST AVOID AT ALL COSTS! It kills me to see women with cleavage try to wear this trend and not realize they end up with one normal looking and one misshapen looking breast. Always necessary to take a second look in the mirror to determine if the latest trend is really one you can pull off. No matter how much some of us may way to be part of the trend, it's simply not always meant to be.

That said, I'll be sticking with my signature clutches for evening outings.