Monday, September 6, 2010

Trip to the Queen City!

So for the long labor day weekend, my friend Laura invited me back to her home in Charlotte, NC. It was so refreshing to have a trip to a HOME with a family and parents and even a dog (and to everyone who knows me personally, they know how much I don't do dogs!) to play with! We headed up to Charlotte Saturday morning and it was a very easy trip. We listened to my old CDs and I could tell Laura exactly when they were from (Junior year summer, when I liked so-and-so, you get the idea) and it was a lot of fun! When we got there we visited with Laura's family for a little while when I met her sister and mom and then got our nails done at a local salon.

After that we headed back to her house and then went to the EpiCentre which is a big "venue" in the heart of Charlotte. It's "doughnut shaped" as I describe it with an open middle but three stories of restaurants and bars! We ate at an awesome Italian restaurant called Libretto's and we both got DELISH pizzas. There was even a live band that provided us with great entertainment plus we got awesome peoplewatching done too. There were four bachelorette parties that passed by us too!
This was our view of the small band and part of the EpiCentre!

This was the view of a few of the bars/restaurants where we were sitting. Enso seemed like the place to go if you were somebody and I kept thinking that someone like Scott Disick was gonna walk out of there any minute. Two of the bachelorette parties walked in there and were definitely dressed to the nine's! It was on the bottom floor and was rocking quite a vibe.

This was the view as the night rolled around. We asked our waitress if it was alright to just sit around for a little while and she was awesome and happy to have us even though we were finished with dinner and all set. We totally got more of a bar feeling once the night hit and the crowd certainly changed a little. 

Later that night, we stayed in Laura's house, and hung out in her pool and hot tub for awhile and then got ready for bed. Sunday, we hit up a big mall that was actually a mile full circle with a HUGE food court. I spotted some of the MAC in LillyLand makeup at one of the stores:
This eyeshadow palette was only $13.75 at the Company Cosmetic Store (or "the cosmetic outlet" as my sister and I call it)! I thought about getting one, but figured that I don't wear eye makeup enough to wear it (or even any pink/green eyeshadow ever I think) to buy it. I had to snap a photo anyway though!

I had such a fun weekend with Laura and her family! It was a great break away from campus and just far enough away to enjoy ourselves and "unplug" from everything here! I'm feeling refreshed and ready for the next week and our UGA game Saturday!!



Anonymous said...

You went to Concord Mills, didn't ya! Love that mall, I live very close to it. I love the Epicenter, it's really helped out the Charlotte nightlife.

Pink, Green, and Southern said...

Your blog is adorable! It's always great to find another Gamecock, too! Hope you have a fab week.

Annie said...

So glad you had a great time in Charlotte! I live about 2 blocks from the Epicentre! :) It'll get ya into trouble sometimes!

Have a great week girl!

mFw said...

What a fun weekend! So sweet of your friend to take you back to her house! I tagged you on my blog!