Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Forever 21 a la Lilly?

I love the Shirley Sweater Coat that Lilly has for this season. In the past few lines, LP has has a sweater similar to this in all kinds of different colors depending on the prints that go along with that season. For fall LP put out white, pink salmon, shorely blue, and true navy for $168. There's also a larger version in a cable knit:

This Shere Cable Sweater Coat is quite too, but for $368 is far out of my price range. Even $168 is more than my monthly budget for extra spending that I allot myself. When I was shopping in Charlotte in forever21, I saw this adorable cardigan:

The ruffle detail is very hard to see, but this sweater looks EXACTLY like the Shirley Sweater Coat.

It's a little more clear in the creme color. Best part of all...just wait...this sweater was $13.50! The Medium fit my arms perfectly and these two sweaters will be great additions to my closet for fall as well as working at school. They're great neutrals that will match a lot. I think the creme one will look great with a great pair of dark jeans and with a brown belt that matches my Bandolino boots:

I couldn't get over how similar the two sweaters were and I never expected a store like forever21 to take cues from Lilly!!



Kitchen Belleicious said...

I love me some forever 21. It is my go to store when I need something fast and affordable. However, If I just had a H&M around me I would spend every dime I had there! Love this post!

Pink Prayer Journal said...

OMG Thank you for sharing! I am running to get a ruffled sweater! Love it.