Saturday, October 16, 2010

Charleston SC, 1966

Lovin' this new Darius CD! Can't wait to see him at the State Fair and I hope hope hope he plays some of these new songs (and some old ones too obviously...Don't Think I Don't Think About It is still in my top 25 most listened to). I'm a big Darius Rucker fan and that only got better when I found out he is a Gamecock at heart! I talk about him on each and every tour I give because of this building:
It's actually on the first Hootie CD and one of my last tour stops! So much fun and people seem to appreciate the trivia!

If you haven't downloaded this CD, go out and do it! I got the entire thing which is very rare for me to do with CDs nowadays but I like ALL the songs!



Peachy Keen said...

What a fun connection...just two degrees of separation!

I love Darius Rucker and just cruised right over to iTunes to download this, thanks!

bevy said...

We used to see all four of Hootie back in the day down in Five Points. Also Jim Sonnefeld (drummer) was in one of my friend's wedding. Prince of a guy!