Saturday, October 2, 2010

A New Gatsby?

If the new Nick Carraway looks anything like this guy, sign me up. So attractive. I originally saw the Robert Redford version of TGG in 11th grade and just about fell in love with him. Whether he's like that in person or not, I have no idea, but Nick Carraway a la RR, you're delightful.
I feel like this movie will be very hard to top. Scenes like this will be very hard to replace and they'll have to do one STELLAR job to convince me.
Rumor is that Leo DiCaprio (speaking of him...did anyone catch Titanic over the weekend...? I always get sucked into it and it starts SO late on TNT.) is set to play the new Nick. Personally I think Brad Pitt should be the leading man...RR and BP look so much alike! Agree?
I just think it's a very risky endeavor (that I will more than willingly go see several times) to take on such a classic movie. It was made in 1974, and that's nearly 40 years later and movie making has certainly changed. I wonder what it'll be like. 
Whew...he's so good looking. I have absolutely no idea how old he is now though (oops!). I'm very interested in any more rumors of a new Great Gatsby movie. This will probably call for reading the book again. It's definitely one of my favorites from high school! I am very much pumped about this new Gatsby! I can't wait to find out the cast and preorder my tickets!!



Preppy 101 said...

Actually Robert Redford played Jay Gatsby in that movie. The part of Nick Carraway was played by Sam Waterston {Jack McCoy on Law and Order}. So there is hope that Brad could be Gatsby and Leo could be Nick. I could def see that work! Who would play the parts of Daisy and Jordan though??? :-)One of my favorite novels ever. xoxo

Pre-Med Prep said...

I loved reading the book and watching the movie in my English class junior year. I didn't think I was going like it. BUt it was throughly enjoyable.

Marie Louise said...

I love the great gatsby!!! I am as excited as you are if there is going to be a new great gatsby movie soon!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Loved this movie.

A. said...

One of my sister and my favorite games is figuring out who to cast in a Gatsby remake! So many excellent possibilities. Who would play Daisy?

Anonymous said...

The Great Gatsby tied for first place (along with The English Patient) as the best book I've ever read. I too heard about the rumors of Leonardo DiCaprio in the role and I have to say, I can totally see him doing it. While I agree that Brad is beautiful (ala Robert Redford), I'm not sure Brad has enough edge to play Gatsby. Leo on the other hand, has both classic features, swagger, and a seductive edge. I definitely think he could do the role justice.