Friday, October 1, 2010

Running Shoes

I'm not big on running (or working out in general...) but I used to run cross country in high school. I always enjoyed the portion of looking at everyone's fun shoes. Cross country runners tend to look for the wackiest, craziest color combos out there. I have running shoes from Asics that are BRIGHT green and turquoise with fanned out circles all over them! Here are my picks for preppy running shoes:
New Balance 574: These shoes are so classic and SO many people have them. I have a pair of my own that I got on a huge sale at They are SO comfortable, but they're a little heavy, so I wear mine more as knockarounds. 

Asics: I'm all about Asics Gel Kayano running shoes. I'm convinced they're the best choice for running, and I've been wearing them since my sophomore year in high school. I love these pink and silver ones! Asics are definitely worth every penny you spend on them!
Mizuno: Mizuno running shoes always get great reviews as well. I've never run in these, but a lot of the swimmers I know wear these to train (coincidence?). I've only heard good things, and again I like the pink and silver combo for sure!
Nike Shox: I used to be ALL about Nike Shox. I now am 6'1'' (do I talk about that too much...? I'm starting to think so...) and don't want running shoes that add another inch. I really like the clean-ness of these shoes though. The pink is just a touch, and I've always been a fan of very white sneaks. 
Nike Lunar Elite: I am a HUGE fan of these...and they're on sale! I might have to snatch up a pair to wear around as casual sneaks. The nice thing about having a big shoe size (or a very small one too) is that when shoes go on sale, the 10's and 11's and then 5's are always left!!
Saucony: I've heard very good things about Saucony shoes too. My family that all lives outside of Boston and are very into being fit and running, swear by Saucony shoes. 

Nike Free Running shoes: One of my best friends from high school XC used to wear the Free Running shoes from Nike. They are one of Nike's most innovative shoes but it was always funny to see something get stuck in her shoes. The bottoms of the shoes are flexible and sometimes rocks and things can get stuck between the ridges! Since that's the actual bottom of the shoes, she was super sensitive to feeling whatever got stuck.

What do y'all wear to run in? I'm sticking to my Asics for whatever athletic endeavors I try!



Patriotic Princess said...

I have the Nike Free Running shoes...but I don't run. Hahaha! But I coach, so they are comfortable to be active in. Although I do hate it when things get stuck in the bottom. If I am walking around I always stop whatever I am doing to fix it ;) Loved the post though! xoxo.

mFw said...

The top new balance shoe was the required tennis shoe at my high school. We all hated them and a bunch of people hurt their ankles in them. I'm impressed you ran cross country I could never!

Kristen said...

I go to a Nike school so I'm required to wear Nikes whenever I go out and do stuff with my team, but when I'm on my own or working out I swear by my Asics. I've loved them since I first tried them on when I was in 9th grade doing marching band! I always get the same style but in different colors. It's fantastic. =P

Kate said...

I always love reading your blog! :)

Where are the Nike Elites on sale? Thanks!

Ashley said...

I also swear by Asics Gel Kayano. Love the pink and silver!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I literally ran through my old Saucony shoes (which were amazing for running) and have since taken promoted my gray New Balance from weekenders to running. While they are quite comfortable on the weekends, and have never given me issue while pounding the pavement, they aren't exactly designed for long-term training. That said, I am in the market for a new trainer but with so many out there, haven't had a clue where to start besides those Foot Locker classifies as "running" hah Thanks for the tips!