Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Charleston Reviews

SO big LBP news! I'm interviewing for a potential internship over the summer in about 3 weeks and I'd love some restaurant ideas from all my Charlestonians! I'll probably roadtrip it with someone (to help me with my nerves) and so I'll need some fabulous restaurant ideas! Do any of you have any favorites? Anything I just can't leave Charleston without going to--or any meals that I MUST try? I'd really like to grab something to eat that is blogger approved!!



Annie said...

Hanks has amazing seafood!

Kristi Lee said...

Where are you interviewing?? I'm moving to Charleston to intern this summer too!
My fav places:
Chai's Tapas - have to get there rice pudding. amazing!
Anson's - crispy flounder is so so good
Queen Street Grocery for lunch crepes. delicious!

Good luck with your interview :)

Anonymous said...

Basil, an amazing Thai restaurant on King St!
Sticky Fingers, classic Memphis style BBQ on Meeting St.
Hominy Grill-Southern cooking with a twist, Rutledge Ave.

Sarah Long said...

Jim and Nicks on King Street is a great lunch option, but go to the Oak Steakhouse after your big interview to celebrate! It's a little pricey, but the fondue is so worth it!

Heather said...

Magnolia's on East Bay is my all-time favorite restaurant. Everything I've eaten there is amazing, but their signature is their crawfish & grits!

Hilary said...

Hanks! Gotta get Shrimp N Grits!
Hyman's Seafood on King Street (also called Aaron's Deli)
Poogan's Porch (go for brunch!)
Pennisula Grille (if you go Charleston, you HAVE to go here and get some Coconut Cake. If I catch word you don't, I might be very upset :)
And, please please please try breakfast at The Charleston Place - amazing!
I've done several posts on the splendor of Charleston Restaurants...obviously, i'm a fan.

And, in case your interested, I'd highly recommend Wine & Cheese at The John Rutledge house. It's every weekday afternoon around 4pm!

L.A.S. said...

Five Loaves on Canon St. is AMAZING! It is one of my all time favorites in Charleston for sandwiches, soup or pasta. Hominy grill is also a favorite for breakfast or shrimp and grits. Kaminksky's on Market St. is a great place to go for dessert after dinner.

Mateo said...

Hominy Grill!

Charleston Girl said...

82 Queen.

C.J.A. said...


You have to try Laura Alberts Tasteful Options on Daniel Island. The pimento cheese is the best in Charleston. My boyfriend's mother and grandmother are the owners and I can assure you that you will have wonderful service! Let me know if you plan to go! Good luck with your interview!