Monday, November 22, 2010

Fall & Winter Skirts on a Budget

I'm getting very into skirts for fall and winter. I'd much rather wear a skirt or dress with tights than pants. Sometimes it's not as warm and cozy, but I like the way it looks a lot! Here are a few of my choices for super cute skirts that won't kill your budget!
Forever21: $24.80
I love the mauve color for fall! It's so feminine!
Target: on sale for $17.48
I think this skirt looks way more expensive than about $18. Cute shoes too!

Old Navy: on sale for $25.00
Think of all the different tops that you could wear with this. The ruffles make it so much fun and festive!
Forever21: $19.80
How great would this be for the holidays? Lovin' that color with a black turtleneck or something!
Old Navy: on sale for $22.99
Corduroy is so great for colder temps. I have an awesome VV pink one and I wear it all the time! This brown is so versatile too! 
Forever21: $22.80
I'm such a bow fan and I this this looks great with those black pumps. Definitely an fan of this one!
Forever21: $15.80
I actually own this one and I love it! If you purchase this one though, be careful about what you wear under it (like tights) because the edges of the skirt pull a little on the material that tights are made of.

Target: $26.99
I think the basketweave in this is fabulous for winter time. I was out shopping with a friend of mine over the weekend and we saw a great jacket like this too at White House Black Market.

Agree? Where do you snag cute skirts?



Courtney said...

I love all of these! I recently picked up some cute wool skirts at TJ Maxx!

Ally said...

these are all so adorable!! I especially love that skirt from target!! Unfortunately I can never buy skirts at Forever21 because they always fit me funny!

Annie said...

Cute choices and of course I'm like you - I HATE pants. They just feel masculine to me and I'd prefer a dress or skirts any day. You can get some good deals on skirts at J. Crew if you hit the sale right! :)

Southern Lilly Lover said...

Great selections! I am getting the Target one ASAP! A steal at $18!

living well said...

So cute! I especally love the first two. Forever 21 is great for inexpensive skirts.

Argyle and Alligators said...

You have such fantastic taste - I never would've guessed my two favorites there are from Forever 21, so I am on my way there today :) Thank you!