Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Dog?

So the last few days, I've really wanted a little buddy to hang out with while I do my homework and watch (the very little amount of) TV with me. Weird thing though, I've never been a dog kind of girl. I'm afraid of big dogs and I've just never really been a fan of them. So this feeling is so bizarre. But I can't help but just want a little pet to love me. I really want a West Highland White Terrier. How can you not just love this little face?
I'm absolutely sure anyone who knows me is probably like WHO ARE YOU, but I'm just smitten with this little guy!

I know next to nothing about pets, but I just can't help but want to look at more cute little photos of them!!
I'm thinking this one's like a model!

Anyone own one of these lovebugs? I'm sure they're just as cute as they look!!



Anonymous said...

Two of my friends had one when we were growing up! One is 12 years old now! They are great companions and don't shed! They are super protective of their owner too :)

Preppy Little Dress said...

So cute!

Margaret said...

The West Highland White Terrier - she will not be ignored!!!

kbell23 said...

My precious baby angel is named Daisy. She is 4 years old. She never leaves my side! Westies are very happy dogs. My baby loves, loves, loves to swim in the pool! They are a high maintenance pooch, but well worth every bit of energy and effort!

Mrs. Kindergarten

Anonymous said...

My grandparents had a wonderful little Westie for 13 years before she sadly developed bone cancer. She was a wonderful companion to them and had such a BIG personality for a small dog. Definitely can't go wrong with this breed!

Morgan Anne said...

I have a Westie, his name is Jack. He is about 6 years old now, he was a Christmas present after my Schnauzer passed away. Jack is my baby and he loves me unconditionally (but whose dog doesn't?!). Terriers are VERY stubborn and difficult to train, that is the only thing I would warn you about!! They have a mind of their own, but other that that with a grooming every other month and lots of TLC this is the BEST dog I've ever owned!!

Morgan said...

My grandma has a westie, and she's a little fireball! She's the sweetest dog,but when she was a puppy she was a complete terror. But they are really great dogs- so so soooo sweet and very entertaining. And they really are protective, too.