Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fabulous USC Visitors!

On Monday I had the privilege of meeting a wonderful crowd from Brittons of Columbia, High Cotton Ties and Southern Tide! Both companies made a trip down to our campus and thanks to a facebook invite, I was able to attend between classes! I was so excited to meet such a fun (and superbly-dressed) group of visitors, I hope they enjoyed the trip as much as I was. Judy Hill from High Cotton Ties was even nice enough to give me a secret look to one of their newest patterns!
James and Judy Hill of High Cotton Ties (Judy was the original designer--too cute!), Perry Lancaster of Brittons, and Michael the HCT campus rep! We chatted for so long and I loved getting to know y'all and your product!
How great are these cummerbunds? They have matching bowties AND headbands for girls.
I'm already a huge fan. Image this Walker Madras cummerbund for any fraternity function or sorority formal!! Eben, since I saw you (if you read LBP) I think you need to get one of these! Secret LBP insider tip: you might see a HCT package that resembles this bowtie/headband set quite soon (wink wink!)!
Great tip: some of the bowties are reversible! Check out my favorite look:
I'm absolutely IN LOVE with this bowtie look! It is so sharp. If you are one of my boy readers and go to USC buy this. Or look out for your future birthdays!
Here are a few more of the reversibles! I'm lovin' all the plaid that they feature.
This is the just-in Christmas madras that Judy was showing me! So excited for a LBP sneak peek! This is such a classic madras and would look great for any occasion. I'm so excited to see them using great colors! It's also super manly I think so most guys would have no defense against this one!! Also great about the HCT products is that you can toss them in the washing machine and dryer because they're 100% cotton...if that doesn't say low maintenance for any college boy I don't know what does!

I also tweeted about meeting everyone and the HCT tweet just about made my already fun day:

I had such a fun day getting to know all these fun visitors! I picked up a bunch of koozies and stickers (5 in all...2 from USC Homecoming, 2 from High Cotton and 1 from Southern Tide!) to add to my collection too. I also was lucky enough to talk to a few representatives from the USC Fashion Board (who even recognized me from run-ins at fittings--total bonus!) who hosted the entire event. A group of girls who did a great job that led me to getting to know all these folks! Such an action-packed day for me! 



mFw said...

So fun and exciting!!!

Pink, Green, and Southern said...

Sounds like fun! There is so much better stuff on campus now than when I was there! Did you know the guys from Southern Tide actually went to USC? That makes it even better!

The Wife said...

Love that store here!! Great finds in Columbia!! I love their looks too! Never goes out of style!

CanadianPrep said...

What an amazing day! I only wish bowties and Southern style were popular up in Canada!

P.S. I'm hosting a LIlly art giveaway on my blog! The winner receives hand-painted art in the Lilly pattern of her choice!

Thomas said...

High Cotton is a really cool new brand! Like the koozie collection...keep on growing it too!

ROS said...

I just discovered High Cotton and have fallen in love! As if the prints weren't enough, when I saw you could monogram the cummerbunds, I just about died!