Thursday, November 4, 2010

Monograms + Cookies

My birthday isn't remotely close to November, but how much fun would these be for a fun birthday celebration? I think I have a theme for my 20th birthday party (to be revealed at a later date...but it's good. I've leaked it to a few people...shh!) and this would be a fun addition! I might try to customize them with green or better yet, try to print my own. 

I love these cookies and they're so inspiring for more projects! 
I love the green with yellow! 
Look at how delicate these ones are!!
I'm not a big purple girl, but with that beautiful shade of blue I'm all about it!!
These ones are my favorites! I've love to find some way to personalize them with pink too!! They're so sweet! I would love to find a place that would print out the sheets on edible paper with edible dye and then try to make them myself!!

Has anyone ever personalized cupcakes or cookies like this? I'd love to know! Was it hard? I have some friends who's birthdays are coming up that these would be fun to make!!



Jeannie said...

Those are too cute! I want some!

McKenna said...

Those are wayyyy too cute!

Southern Sweetie: said...

love them!