Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fashion for a Cause Round Two

Well the fashion show went swimmingly!! I had such a fun time rocking it down the runway and a few of my closest friends came to support me (they even made me laugh a little on the runway...as you'll be able to see!!) Here are a few pictures:
My friend Mattie snapped this from her phone!
This was me holding in LOTS of giggles and trying to be a little bit serious! My friends were cheering like crazy (which I SO appreciated) and so I had to totally hold it in. We modeled Gap RED line clothes and I ended up wearing my own jeans because I was too tall for the samples that they provided. It was such a fun night and I'm so glad that I did it!!
Naima was the host and I got to sit next to her while we were both in hair and makeup! She was on the phone with her boyfriend at home and it was too cute to eavesdrop on...oops! I had such a fun time doing this!!


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