Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tacky Christmas...Yikes!

So for a winter banquet for one my my organizations, we had a tacky christmas theme. It. Was. Gross. We all had VERY tacky clothes. Most girls borrowed sweaters from their moms and boys tended to match clothes together that did not match. We weren't the best looking group, but we had an awesome vibe going for the whole night!
I wore a denim shirt with all kinds of yucky embroidery that was a size 4x from WalMart and I tried to make it a little bit cute with a belt, but it's tough to make it look cute. My rookies still managed to look adorbs (love y'all) even in their tacky clothes!
Here are all the wonderful (tacky) rookies who were graduating--we are SO proud of all of you!

I had never been to a tacky sweater party or event, but this was too much fun! I made 2 boxes of cupcakes and decorated them with fabulous Wilton cupcake topper/wrapper sets from WalMart too! Everyone seemed like they enjoyed them (which always makes me SUPER happy) and they looked cute too! Some of my sets looked similar to these but had little trees and snowflakes instead, but keep an eye out for the sets, they are so much fun and look great on cupcakes:

I had a great time kicking off the holiday season this early on! It makes me look forward to finishing up exams and heading home!



Duchess said...

True story: A friend was having a "tacky Christmas party" on the same night as another friend's regular Christmas party. So some friends were coming to the regular Christmas party before going to the tacky one anyhoo a very sweet but slightly clueless friend walks into the regular party wearing a God awful Christmas vest (there were bells on the vest!) with a equally awful Christmas turtleneck and I say "Ohhh you will be a HUGE hit at the Tacky Christmas party! LOVE THAT VEST!!!" Ummm she had no idea what I was talking about and that was her "festive" outfit that she wore to all of the holiday parties. Yep I felt silly:-)

Morgan Anne said...

First, I want to say I really enjoy reading your blog!! It is always so fun and cute! We had a Tacky Christmas Tea for my sorority this week but with exams I have been to busy to post- I will this weekend though! Also, I think you did a great job making your 4x denim shirt look cute with the gold belt :) you looked precious! I went to high school with Colleen Ryan, looks like yall had fun!!
ps. I'm a new blogger