Friday, January 14, 2011

Columbia Restaurant Week--YUM

This is an ad that any past, present or future Gamecock will appreciate. "Chicken Finger Wednesday" is like a weekly holiday on campus. 1400 pounds of chicken fingers are cooked across campus every Wednesday with as many as 200 servings going out every 15 minutes. CFW stats can be found here...yeah, chicken finger wednesday has it's own holiday. Whatever they put in those Wednesday chicken fingers is magic. Cafeterial gold, if you will. People stand in line for these chicken fingers, and this ad agency really knew how to market Restaurant Week to students. It certainly grabbed my attention on our school newspaper, the Daily Gamecock. 

Some of my favorite restaurants are a part of Columbia Restaurant Week and it starts today:
The parents are a fan
Who can say no to wings?
This place is quirky and fun!

There are so many great deals to snag during this week, I'm gonna see if I can kidnap a few friends and drag them on over!!


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Ashton said...

Chicken Finger Wednesdayyyy!! Take me back to freshman year before having to eat at the Soro house, though I still would stop by on random Wednesday just for chicken fingers and curlyyy fries. Restaurant week starts here in Charleston, too. Ready for that first course bucket of beer at the Wing!