Monday, January 10, 2011

No School for South Carolina!

Best post-birthday news ever: Because of winter weather conditions, the University of South Carolina Columbia campus will be closed Monday, Jan. 10. Please monitor this site for updates.

No school for me for a snow day! I wasn't even taking the "threat" of a wintry mix seriously because it wasn't like freezing yesterday. It's going to be a great little day before the semester starts!! Now I get to prepare my room, try to meet with teachers, and look up my future Westie all day long! I'm quite the lucky girl (along with 28,000 of my good ole' Gamecock friends) aren't I?!


P.S.: I was a big Peter Rabbit fan (thanks Dad!) when I was little, so I couldn't pass up this picture!


megan said...

Very happy news! Wish we had the same news for work!

Rachel said...

Lucky you! I'm flying from Louisiana to Charlotte, NC and Roanoke, VA in a couple of days so I hope the weather clears up before then!

Buckhead Belle said...

Love Peter Rabbit! And yay for snow days!

LC said...

We had a snow day too, I loved it! I mentioned Peter Rabbit in my post yesterday too, just thought that was kind of funny..

Preppy 101 said...

University of Tennessee closed today also! That hardly ever happens!! And I love the Peter Rabbit pic. Read those books to my children when they were little. :-) Xoxo