Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coach + Cupcake

Over break, we did some shopping at the outlets while we were at the beach for New Year's and I happened to snatch up this ADORABLE key fob:
It is SO me! It's pretty huge on my key chain (which only has 3 real keys to begin with and is pretty fat anyway) but I really love it! My friends are not at all surprised when they see I've got one on there, so I'd say it's quite a hit!

I also was lucky enough to pick up this bracelet (usually Coach isn't my type of stuff at all, but I really got lucky since we were making returns!):
Sorry it's so small, it's a very difficult bracelet to find! Whoever designed this bangle needs to patent the size because the width is seriously PERFECT for smaller wrists. I have another garnet and silver Coach bangle that is too big for my wrists but hard to fit my hand it, but this hinge bracelet is a great fit!

I hope all my Southern favorites who aren't used to these conditions are staying safe in the snow!!



BroncoMom said...

How crazy is this weather? I mean its wild!!

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute goodies, very much Pretty in Pink! Hope you all thaw out soon, it is insane!

Sending you a smile,

Southern Charm said...

I received the cupcake as a Christmas gift from the beau and love it! He calls me his cupcake so it was perfect Coach made one. :)

Anonymous said...

OH CUTE! xoxox