Sunday, January 16, 2011

Otter Bay Company

About two weeks ago, a brand new company popped up on my Twitter feed: Otter Bay Company! Well can I just say, welcome to the preppy circuit! They are such a fun whimsical company! I was sent this top:
It is so soft and cozy and a great color for spring that I don't own too much of!

Their icon is the sweetest little otter too! It's on all of their products and not too big!  Will, the owner of Otter Bay Co. writes that the sea otter symbolizes a lifestyle of relaxation and enjoyment, but at the same time symbolizes an efficient hard worker. With over one million hairs per square inch the sea otter has the finest fur of all the mammals in the animal kingdom. The otter is presented in a relaxing pose, laying on his back, floating on the water. The otter is not smiling but instead gives off an experienced, more serious look. He is a formidable member of society; one to be respected, and admired. His presence has a certain charisma that brightens and adds class to every situation. My shirt is part of their Keystone series and I'd definitely recommend this top. 

Will sent me a little info about how they got started too: Here I am a freshman in college, sitting in my little dorm room, coming up with solutions to cure world hunger etc, when a friend of mine walks in complaining about how another one of his polo shirt tails has ripped up the side. Having experienced this phenomenon myself on several occasions I knew what a pain it was. That night I went to bed and in my dream there were people complaining about all of the problems with their polos. The next day I began to research. Hundreds of samples, thousands of hours, countless “all-nighters”, miles of fabric, over a year of work, and at the cost of my sanity, finally came the most versatile polo in the world, The Keystone Polo, along with The Otter Bay Company.

A shirt for which the appeal goes far beyond the look of class, elegance, and success it conveys to everyone who lays eyes upon it. For which an entirely new blend of fabric was forged, the “Soft-Strech Micropique”. Soft on the outside, even softer on the inside, and with ultimate elasticity to be used everywhere for every event.

Plot Spoiler Alert: This spring we are planning to release our first two lines of tees, our exclusive “White Collar Collection”, and possibly dresses, skirts, or another women’s line!

Check them out for sure!!



Royar said...

I've looked at their website - very nice looking line! Can't wait for spring to see what they come out with next!

Preppy Little Dress said...

I'll have to check them out, thanks!

Rachel said...

They sound fantastic! Do they have a website?

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