Sunday, January 2, 2011

Severn Skirt: Reverse Buyer's Remorse

For anyone who knows me personally, I'm not talking about THIS Severn skirt:
We had really ugly uniform skirts at my high school. I tried getting a photo of the navy blue, gold, maroon assembly dress combo that we had to wear, but no such luck. Apparently even the internet didn't want to see it, either!

This J. Crew Severn skirt seems to be sold out everywhere and I TOTALLY missed the boat! A skirt (maybe) named for my high school/they have the same name, and I totally missed it! I'm going to the outlets while we're at the beach and I'm crossing my fingers that I might be able to snag one while we're there!! Much to my dismay I got this note on the J. Crew website: We're sorry. This item has been so popular, it has sold out. We've got other great ideas--just call us 800 562 0258, we're here to help. As good as your "other great ideas" may be, I wish I could grab a Severn skirt! How fun are they:

Although an interesting look, I'd probably style my outfit a little differently!
I'm sure I could pretty easily find something sooner, but it's cool that this skirt has such a GREAT name! I'm calling it "Reverse Buyer's Remorse" (RBR for short haha!)  because I'm oh-so-disappointed that I didn't get it!! Did anyone out there grab this skirt for herself?? Anyone ever catch a bad case of RBR? 



Rachel said...

Adorable skirt!

Sarah Long said...

Try to call them! Once before, they had said that an item was sold out online, but told me that they do that when an item has less than 10 available!

Katie said...

They were a big hit in a few stores when I was in London. But, I forgot to buy one before I left. Very cute choices!

mFw said...

That is so cute and sad you didn't get it! I wore the plaid skirt too! Maybe I'll post pics soon! If you find the skirt let us know!

k.s.h said...

I agree with the other posts. Cute skirt, and I am in love with your blog :)