Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Southern Wedding Week: The Dress

A few weeks ago when I was in Charleston, Aly and I were window browsing just about every store we could see! There were so many little boutiques (90% out of our college girl budgets) that had dresses and party essentials that we couldn't really help ourselves! Among my favorites were all the wedding dresses that we'd pass from window to window. The periodic tuxedo was so precious too, I mean how can you not just swoon over a tux and bowtie combo? Gets me every time. Although we didn't see Fabulous Frocks, the idea behind it is so cute, I had to pass it on to any ladies in the area after a reader of mine told me about it!
Fabulous Frocks specializes in consigning wedding dresses that have been "wed" already! What a good idea, right? I mean my mom's never gonna wear her dress again, and isn't this a great idea for any bride who won't use her dress for anything else! There are some criteria for each dress to be consigned, but how cute is this? What a good idea for the bride on a budget or looking to get a designer gown for far way less!

Fabulous Frocks has brand name designers (including my 2 favorites!!) ranging from Badgley Micshka, to Carolina Herrera, to Modern Trousseau (one of my favorites!), to Rivini (my other favorite...remember this dress...MY dress?) to Vera Wang. There are currently over 80 dresses listed online for you to check out and have even more in store to choose from personally! Also, go visit store manager and recent Gamecock grad, Mary, to help you out, she's adorable and in the planning stages of her own Southern Wedding!!

Next time I'm in Charleston Fabulous Frocks will be a definite stop just for fun...I mean you can never start too early right? No way! No go follow Fabulous Frocks on twitter at @FabFrocksBridal to see what they've got going on!



Ally said...

Such a great idea!

Preppy Southern Belle said...

I wish I had known about them when I was dress shopping! They have the exact dress I wanted but wouldn't get my mom to splurge on (I will sat $12,000 for a Vera is a splurge!)
Thanks for sharing!

Cynthia said...

I stumbled across your blog through a friend's and I just love your most recent posts about Southern weddings! One of my best friends recently got engaged and she doesn't even know where to begin with the wedding planning but I plan on showing her your tips and info :) Thanks for sharing!

xo, your newest follower :)

megan said...

I love looking at their selections online..even though I'm not engaged :)

Fabulousfrocksofcharleston said...

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