Thursday, January 6, 2011

Southern Wedding Week: The Reception

One of the best ideas I've ever seen for a wedding was featured in Charleston Girl's post about her sister's wedding! First of all it was pink and green, so naturally I'd love it! Second of all, I loved what she did so much I immediately emailed it to myself so I could remember to do this one was that good! For all of the reception tables with a location that was significant to them both, had a photo in that location and noted the reason it was important on each place setting.
Think of all those special places to you and your husband/fiancee/boyfriend and you could easily come up with enough to organize tables:
  • Where you met
  • Location of your first date
  • City of your respective college(s)
  • Hometown(s)
  • Location of first kiss
  • Spot where he proposed
  • City of the wedding
I can think of so many fun possibilities for different tables! I love this idea so much and will probably steal it one day for my big day!! I've been storing this up for a future post, but it was a perfect addition to Southern Wedding Week that I couldn't pass it up!!

What's one of your favorite wedding traditions? Have you ever been to a wedding with this type of table organization??



Jennifer Milena said...

That is so cute and such a great idea! My favorite family tradition at weddings has been hosting a table of the previous weddings in the family. It's so nice to look back at the other amazing weddings and also look at the changes of style in both dresses and hair. Weddings are just fantastic in general :)

Rachel said...

My sister and her husband did that for their wedding too. But, instead they had cutouts of the different states they've been to together at each table (he's a pilot -- we're from VA and he's from Chicago, so they're always traveling). They had framed pictures of them in those states and/or countries (one was Spain).