Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Her Campus: A Collegiette's Guide to Life

Alright, so I don't ever really trust advice websites. I go to my closest friends when I need help with problems. I don't try to READ about the issues I'm ALREADY having. And when it comes to college advice guides, they're pretty much never ending! Until I found this great advice site all for college girls. It talks about everything from relationship issues, girl issues, budgeting, what and how to eat in college, and I honestly feel like they could be writing to me. They have representatives writing from a bunch of different schools so you get a great perspective from girls from the North, South, Midwest, East Coast, everywhere. I'm SO excited to see the Her Campus edition for USC and it debuts this week on the 15th! Some of my recent favorite posts they've had are:

1. 5 College Trends That Won't Go Away: this talks about the crazed trends that we've all seen (or may still be seeing) on campus. Too bad they forgot the Norts...

2. 10 Easy Ways to Save Money in College: my momma will be happy to see that I read this one!

3. Five Rules of Etiquette That Every Collegiette Needs To Know: I wish I could mass text/facebook inbox/email/tweet this article to most college girls I know. A little bit of polish and being polite goes so far in college.

4. The Craziest College Classes: 2010 Edition: From Star Trek to Nascar, you can find all the craziest sounding classes here!

5. How Technology has Changed the "Game" of Dating: Amen sista.

These articles are well-written by smart Collegiettes! They're real and I know many girls who read this website, if for nothing else, just for fun. Some things you can take seriously and some you can just laugh off. I definitely recommend checking this site out for any of my fellow fabulous college ladies!!



Anonymous said...

these are awesome - wish i was still in college! :)


Anne said...

It won't let me view the links :(

Heather said...

what are norts?