Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy February 14th

I've been thinking about my Valentine's post for a few days now and it's taken me a long time to get my thoughts into words. This is quite the holiday, let me tell you. I'm not a huge fan of Valentines Day, but I don't really dislike it either. I'm not apathetic towards it, but after all it is a holiday and we all know that I love holidays. I have friends who are ridiculously stressed out over this holiday, friends who just plain hate it, friends who are bummed that they don't have better plans, friends who just want it to be over already, and friends who don't know February 14th from March 29th from December 8th. They run the entire spectrum. Don't stress about making your girlfriend dinner, don't stress about having class until 8, don't stress about that clingy guy you just met, don't worry about being single tonight, don't worry about being stood up tonight, don't think about what your ex is doing tonight, and if you're all reading, I hope you know who you are! Tonight I plan to come back from Shagging, snag some cupcakes on the way home, pop in Valentine's Day just for the heck of it and snuggle up with some of my favorites. For a Monday, it sounds pretty darn good to me!

For #FabFeb, take all the pressure off today and instead of thinking of it as Valentine's Day, just think of it as February 14th! I wish you one of the BEST February 14th's that you've EVER had! Think of all the super special people in your life and tell them how much they ROCK. Go call your mom and dad and tell them how much you miss them and love them. Go BBM your sister and tell her how cool she is and that you'd be hard-pressed to find someone as awesome as she is to be related to. Go tell your roommate thanks and that she is the bomb for putting up with your forgetful ways of leaving the cookie sheet out when you make pizza rolls or chocolate chippers before bed. Go call you aunts and uncles and thank them for the countless pink and green and cupcake cards that you got for your birthday. Go text your littles and tell them how inspiring it was to see them grow and learn everything right before your eyes and that it was all them (us 'bigs' have very little to do with it). Go tell your 3 guy neighbors that they're fun to live by and seeing them on the stairs everyday puts a smile on your face. Go tell your boss that her happy smile makes working on even the hardest days that much easier. Go tell your mentor that his funny words and late night trips to McDonalds are what college is all about. Go write to all of your readers and tell them how they've changed your own writing and that your blog wouldn't be anywhere without them. I am thinking of each and every one of you today! I'll be sending good thoughts to all of my friends, family, and followers for the rest of today and the rest of #FabFeb because you are all the best!!

Think of everyone on your list and go MAKE their Valentine's Day. Hopefully they'll then pass it on, and we'll start our own #FabFeb pay it forward type deal, because that's what today is all about!


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