Sunday, February 13, 2011

Outfit of the Day: A Week in the Life of

I go through very busy weeks in school. One of my absolute biggest pieces of advice for other girls in college (especially those, like me who have a hard time getting up for those early classes) is to lay out your outfits the night before you go to bed. It saves me time in the morning of choosing what I want to wear, finding that elusive white crew neck shirt that always seems to disappear, and I can focus on the important stuff like brushing my teeth (haha!) and washing my face and finding my makeup in my bathroom. By the time Friday rolls around, I've probably gotten lazy, but I don't have to be on campus until 1:00. Here's a week in the life of me via OOTD's:


This is actually what I wore to one of my Monday night Shagging classes! It gets SO hot in our dance classroom so a cardigan that I can take off is essential.


On Tuesdays/Thursdays I'm in class straight from 8-3:15 no breaks, so I have to lug around a lot of books. Naturally, a backpack is a MUST. I don't play around trying to fit everything in a tote or something, so I need my big ol' black North Face backpack that everyone and their mother has.


On Wednesdays I work and volunteer at the Visitor Center for about 5 hours. I am usually in Carolina gear all day long, so I try to liven it up a little from week to week!


Another backpack day, but on top of being in class until 3:15, I work until 4:30. Thursdays are very very long, so being comfortable is ideal.


Like I said, Friday I only have one class and it's pretty fast. I'm not on campus for too long and not many people have Friday classes, so I don't see a lot of people. Ironically, my class on Friday gives me the most homework of any of my classes, so I can give myself a lazy morning and afternoon once in awhile.


Last Saturday I wore this ensemble to a sidewalk sale with my roommate. We typically relax, grab lunch and just veg out since the week is finally over!


Sunday mornings I head to Church with Colleen and new friend Will, and we grab a little lunch after. It's a low key nice way to start my week and Sundays are all about finishing homework for the week AND trying to get ahead!

Now you've seen my week a little bit! Quite busy, oh the life of a college student!!



Preppy from Bay said...

Love all the outfits you put together. Can you style me? Love them all. Have a very preppy week.

Whitney said...

All of these outfits are ADORABLE! I'm also a huge fan of putting out my clothes the night before. I swear it is the only way that I'll get dressed.

J Moss said...

Now that I work full time, planning my outfits out the night before is mega crucial to how my mornings go. I should have done it in college too :-)

TheSocialKnight said...

I love Monday the most!

Great outfits, Katie :)

Bee said...

Despite your busy-ness, it seems like you always look adorable! I love all these outfits!

mFw said...

You are so organized!!! I have that Lilly halter and love it! I'm not this organized and I've gotten so lazy about dressing up!

Kionon said...

While I don't go so far as to actually pull everything out, I certainly do think about it before I go to bed, so I know what to grab the next day.

Mere said...

Cute outfits! I need to come raid your closet! :) I usually pick out what to wear the night before, but sometimes in the mornings once that outfit is on, I change my mind!!! haha. I guess I just don't have as many cute choices as you do!

Glitterista said...

Great outfits! I adore the church outfit. I often pick out clothes the night before, but should be better about finding them and laying them out, not just thinking about it. Many mornings have me tearing apart my room for the shirt I picked or missing tights. ;)

N and E said...

We love all your outfits!! :) Thanks for sharing w/ us!