Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

There are a few blogs I read often and they all do this great post where they thank people and/or things for being awesome that week. I didn't know it was a real "thing"/trend until Holly from Hey, Hey, Holly did a post about her own participation! Weekly Gratitude was started a little while ago, and count me in! So for the past week, I want to say thank you to:

1. my floor for acting as a massive shelf for my clothes/shoes/books/bed during the week. You are very strong and I admire that.
2. my parents for helping to keep me on track and to not sweat the small (or fairly large) stuff.
3. my Blackberry for keeping me in contact with all the important people I need to chat with.
4. my car for getting me to and from school and giving me more peace of mind than anything else. Even my shower can't let me sing as loud or take out as much frustration as a good drive with ridiculous music blaring and the windows down.
5. the boy in shag class who told me that dancing with a tall girl was a lot easier and even more fun. You absolutely made my Monday.
6. whoever fixed Blackboard this week. It was a very painful, strenuous 48 hours when we couldn't log on.
7. the nice lady who works in Russell House on campus where I buy my breakfast grits and diet coke for always warning me to stay safe when she hears things about on campus. And for letting me know how cute Elton John's baby is.
8. Twitter for letting me promote #FabFeb and giving me a place to put my funny/random thoughts during the day a la "Nothing says I love you like a heart-shaped bo berry biscuit from #bojangles".
9. the girls in 906 who provide me with wonderful Jersday antics complete with McDonalds, gossip, and glam strands.
10. TLC for Wedding Fridays, you make me so happy. Say Yes to the Dress and Four Weddings (although it can sometimes be catty) I usually cry during one of you.


Kelly said...

I love Wedding Fridays! They make me so happy!

brookeiam said...

ahh i totally agree with the blackboard thing! so frustrating!
and i love singing in the car. i hum in the shower...but i'm a popstar in the car haha

Holly said...

I couldn't deal with Blackboard being down! Ah! Cue freak out!
Agreed on the car thing - it's honestly one of the reasons I miss having a car at school the most, but I can't exactly give that to my parents as a reason I need my car, ha!