Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Jacks

Now that it's officially February, I can brag all I want that I wore my Jack Rogers in January and I wasn't alone. (#improudtosay) SO many girls on campus broke out their JR's during our heat stroke that hit in the middle of January. It was unseasonably warm and we didn't need coats, boys were in shorts, and everyone was breaking out their sandals. I have five pairs of Jack Rogers and would sincerely recommend buying each of my 5 colors for different reasons. I would also like to point out that I've never paid full price for any of my pairs! Here are my 5:

1. Platinum
These will always and forever be my favorite, go-to pair. They match everything (like I say every single time I write about them) and you can dress them up and down. They are so versatile and you simply can't go wrong buying them whether they're your 5th or 15th pair of JRs!

2. White
I've only had my white pair since Christmas of '09 but they're slowly becoming a top choice. I know there are a lot of rules concerning white shoes yadda, yadda, yadda. I love my white JR's and if you ask most owners, I'm sure they'd say the same thing. You can't exactly wear these with everything, but they do look good with a lot. I wouldn't wear these with dark jeans/jeans ever because the denim ink would easily be able to transfer to the edges of the stitching.

3. Gold
A lot of people don't own the gold, and instead opt for the silver Jacks. I like gold especially when you're tan and very summery. Gold Jacks are a great way to be able to wear gold shoes in the summer very easily without feeling to dressed up. The shade of gold that JR uses is a great summer jewelry shade too, so adding to an outfit is very easy. These look great with all your essentials: shorts, white shorts, skirts, dresses, jeans, you name it!

4. Black
These are a classic pair of JR's. My mom has these too and we both wear them all the time. These are great tour-giving-shoes (once broken in, of course) and match a lot! I don't wear the black with much of my Lilly since it doesn't match, but for summer basics and Carolina outfits, you can't go wrong with the black!!

5. Silver
Silver JR's are my most recent Jacks purchase! I don't wear them too often yet, but they're a great alternative for going out. They're definitely the shiniest Jacks that I own (not only because they're new, but the silver is just VERY shiny/metallic) but fun to add jewelry to--just like the Gold. Pretty much once you get one of the metallics, I promise you that you'll want them all. You'll realize that you have outfits that just match one metallic better than the other, trust me...it happens!!

What are your favorite Jacks? I'm looking into getting a fuschia pair with the white stitching or maybe the light pink with white stitching! I kinda consider my collection of Jacks "the neutral collection" because overall, you can pretty much wear these with anything!! If you can tell, all my talk about sandals is really making me think of the warmer temps!!



Annie said...

I have the gold, platinum, black and bone (with white stitching) ones. Love them all and wear them SO much all summer. Even to work! You have good taste! ;)

J Moss said...

Love this post! Me and Mr. Jack Roger are pretty tight as well. I hope he never goes out of style but really, I don't care if he does, I'll rock them anyways. Gold will always be my favorite! I also just got a pair of black ones with red stitching and I have a sneaking suspicion that you might like those ;-)

Suze said...

love love love these. always wanted a pair but never knew where to find them!!!

Sarah Brooke said...

I have five pairs too in those exact colors! I agree that I get use out of all of them but I especially love the gold ones!

Preppy Little Dress said...

I have all those colors and am up to I think 26 pairs of Jack Rogers/Bonanno's! Love 'em, can't wait to wear them again in a few months!!!!!!

Peachy Keen said...

I'm the same with my Bonanno's. I LOVE them and have a few varieties to go with my different summer outfits. Brown is the workhorse of my collection followed up by gold but I'm thinking silver is the next must purchase!

Meghan said...

Great post! Love the color variety, even though it is the "neutral" color palette! Where do you happen to purchase them from?

Worthington said...

I love my silver Jack Rogers -- but mostly because they go with my platinum engagement ring. HA! I do need to get the white pair for the Memorial Day to Labor Day summer season.

Whales and Wayfarers said...

Love love love my platinum JR's. They match with EVERYTHING!!

Prep Persona No. 4 said...

I have gold, pewter w/ silver, pinky-coral w/ white, nantucket red w/ cream (Murray's special!), green w/ blue, and black with turquoise and coral stones. Its the gold ones I end up wearing all the time though!

Lindsay J. said...

I found your blog through a Twitter search for Jack Rogers :) Do you know they're ever on sale at any particular stores? Or do stores accept coupons for them (Lord & Taylor, Nordstroms, etc.) Thanks!!